Chocolate, or Vanilla?

'hoy! Which do you like better? Chocolate, or Vanilla?

If neither, vote for which one you like most, and name the one you like more.

Vanilla is my preference - it’s more refreshing than chocolate.

Chocolate, because I had to have some vanilla essence drops once and I was gagging for ages!

strawberry ^^


Eden, but which of the two choices, do you like most? I mean, other than strawberry, which do you prefer?


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Strawberry strawberry! =o Straw.

I prefer neither Chocolate or Vanilla. To each there are sensations the other can not match.

Strawberry =o


Vanilla beats chocolate into the ground.

Vanilla, because it tastes better, and large quantities of chocolate give me headache. Except white chocolate, which is better than vanilla.

vanilla, cuase chocolate just doesn’t taste as good. but vanilla with hot fudge, now there is a true winner.

Do you mean ice cream or what? Chocolate either way. Though strawberries are much better. Unless it’s chocolate covered strawberries. Yum.

Tough choice. For pudding, vanilla all the way, but in regard to cake and ice cream, chocolate hands down.

I only choose vanilla for HOT APPLE PIE, but chocolate everything else.

<b>Ice Cream:</b> Chocolate
<b>Fragrance:</b> Vanilla (the best smell ever)
<b>Pudding:</b> Vanilla
<b>Candy:</b> WHITE Chocolate
<b>Cooking Purposes:</b> Vanilla Extract

I like vanilla.

I concur.

Vanilla. Gackt likes vanilla too.


White chocolate > vanilla > dark chocolate.