chocolate island 2

can someone help me find the “sercret goal” in chocolate island 2 and super mario world? thanks a billion!

oh yeah, and the extra castle by castle #5, how do you get to that.
sorry im so stupid, LOL

You have to have unlocked all (I think) of the Switch Palaces, then go through the stage as fast as you possibly can. The faster you go, the more likely you’ll be sent to the area with the key hole. You need to have hit all the switches to be able to reach the key hole, though.

As for the Fortress by Castle #5, I answered this in your first Super Mario World topic. Doing what I said to do for Forest of Illusion 4 will unlock Forest Secret Area. If you beat that, you can go on to Forest Fortress.

Getting the Secret goal is easiest with a Blue Yoshi (or whichever one that flies). Just eat a shell and fly through the rest of the level.