Chocobo king

Hello, my name is Colin, I’m new to the forums, thought I drop a line and tell people about myself, instead of rushing in with posts {And thats sorta what I did…}, trust is somthing that must be earned Ya’know? anyway, My first RPG I ever played was Final Fantasy legend 1 for GB. I have a strong belief that Chocobos and Mogs should rule the world, I’m into anime, but I like watching regular cartoons too, I think Spike Spiegel is the coolest person who ever exsisted, when I’m not playing rpg’s I’m Playing Basketball, I am the Chocobo King {I wish}, I’m planing to get into the forums, and be a very active member, I like talking about games, I think that I’ve come to the right place.

It’s ironic, cause you posted this in the effin’ CHAT ROOM forum.


Um, isn’t that where this is supposed to go?

The chat room forum is for, well, the chat room.

Hi and welcome.

You should get someone to change your name to just “Walker” and then get a Chuck Norris avatar.

Hi. Welcome and enjoy your stay

Hello hello hello. Hurray for new people, I’m still new, maybe… Dunno what peopel consider me now.

uh, hi then


Blessed salutations!

Silly chocobo! Dragons will rule the world!

Give me you sanity. Now.

Ahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh well, though, I wouldn’t have welcomed this person though, with like… every welcomer…'s care like every poster here, had it not been posted, but, yeah

Welcome ^^ And I guess try not to make duplicate threads, it can make people go all hoo hah :eek:

Val seems that way, at least ._.


Hey man :smiley: I like this guy already, for some reason. >.>;

This wasn’t a case of duplicate threads. he just posted this thread initially in the Chat Forum, then someone moved it.

Either way, it’s no big deal. Chill.

I don’t mean any real harm, i jsut founf it funny that he talked about “not rushing in here with posts”, and didn’t bother looking around to get a feel for what Forums were for what. But that’s me, so meh.

When you join a message board for the first time it’s hard to take in every little detail at once, at least that’s the way it was for me, and apparently for others as well (hitting new topic instead of new reply, etc)