Chobits: Errrr.... (Spoiler Warning)

I just finished reading this (Yes I’m late as hell, shut up). First of all, I fucking loved it and CLAMP are geniuses, I’ve never read anything from them that I didn’t like and this is by far my favorite (Except for the strange fixation they have with making some couples freaking creepy).

However… this one detail seems kinda lame: She can’t have sex because the power switch is in her vagina. I understood the “I love her even though blah blah blah” but it just seems like an unnecessary trouble. You see quite a bit about Ichiro (I-Chan) in Angelic Layer and I don’t think he did it on purpose so they couldn’t have sex. Anything I’m missing?

She just needs to get modded. And whatever happened to taking it up the poop chute?

I was just thinking that… :frowning:

Personally, I was never able to understand such an odd choice of a spot for the switch… Sure the activation was funny, but still…

She’s a robot! This thread is pretty digusting :slight_smile:

For shame!

If you’ve seen the series, you’d see that it’s sorta symbolic.

“Only the one just for me can touch that switch”

The confusing part is that “the one just for her” really can’t touch it either.

Just go to the hardwarestore and get a drill bit for the size you’re looking for. Problem solved

Chobits manga ending > anime ending

For sure.

That was never in question here, I think. The anime not only gave me chest aches, but I also stopped wanting to watch any more of it once I heard about the way it ended.

Why? How does it end?

The anime ending, compared to manga, is abrupt, doesn’t explain anything, and is barely cutting it lovey dovey wise.

Well, since it is a robot, any um, openings, are in no way any wronger than any other opening, have fun!

^^;;; why do you guys instantly assume that Hideki and Chii’s relationship is all about sex?

Chobits was such a shitty series is was unreal. But then with the exception of X/1999 and MAYBE Clover I really can’t stand CLAMP series.

That’s why it’s an anime and not real life. ^^

“is was unreal”? XD

I have to agree that all CLAMP series are really cheesy and the problems that they have in it could be resolved in just one episode/manga.

Hey, you’ve just written the prologue to every Chobits hentai manga! Congratulations?

Not quite. He <i>can</i> (she’d let him) but he won’t. 'Cause he cares 'n shit.

I personally own the manga and really liked it. One doesn’t read CLAMP for the versimilitude (as if there ever was any in their work), you read it for the subtext, which Chobits has in great heaping piles.

Chobits will make you think (once you’re done crying, maybe). There was a lot of good texture to the characters, all of whom get quite attached to their persecoms, and most of whom conisder their feelings illegitimate because they were directed machines. Hideki, being an ignorant country bumpkin, didn’t have their preconceptions. He’s also the kind of person who would pick up a persecom out of the garbage.

I thought it was refreshing when compared to the usual qustions asked about robots; what constitutes humanity, do robots have rights, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera [/Yul Brenner]. Could robots fall in love with their masters? Obviously the reverse could and would happen). And with what you’re given to go on you have to conclude that Chi actually does love Hideki.

I’m not sure I was entirely coherent back there, but whatever, I’ll just post it anyway…