Chinese Food

Come on, I know you all do it. I’m addicted to the sweet and sour.

Orange chicken.


‘Beef in Thai Red Curry’ is worth cookies!

Mongolian Beef and egg rolls…

Steamed Brown Rice with Chicken in Teriyaki sauce… now… was that even Chinese?

I’m partial to the odd spring roll, but I much prefer Indian food TBH :-p

Sesame chicken, two egg rolls, and pork fried rice.

My school does these awesome sandwiches called ‘Chinese Chicken’, which is basically cold chicken in a pink (PINK) sauce between two slices of bread. You gotta try them.

Had it yesterday. Mmmm… Chicken and those silly round mushrooms when I can get it. Or anything that sounds good. Yum…

Oh, and Pierson, that avatar and title are so funny. giggles

Sweet and sour chicken, egg rolls, and veggie fried rice for me. :smiley:

He’ll have changed it tommorow.

Usually I like sesame chicken, but last night at my favorite Chinese place I got spicy honey chicken, which is even better. I also like some egg drop soup and those little crispy chip/noodle things that come with it.

Ahh…I am a true chinese food conneseur.

A common activity of myself and friends is to smoke a doobie and go to a chinese food buffet…Mushroom chicken…generals chicken…mmm

I eat Chinese food every day. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very funny Dai :P.

I know what kinda chicken Vicki is referring to, the honey chicken. Its REALLY good, but for some reason, whenever I go to the place that has it I end up feeling really sick about an hour after and I don’t know why. Other people share the dish with me and they’re fine.

What, does Dai live in china now?

Anyway, there was a stretch where I had chinese food every day. I dated this girl for a few weeks and she was obsessed with chinese food, and being the rich girl she is, she ordered it all the time. Being the boyfriend, and since it wasn’t her money anyway, I always got chinese food. So basically I had chinese food for like 2 weeks straight. It was…excellent :slight_smile:

Chinese food is like the only motivation i have for visiting the mall :slight_smile:

Peking Duck, though I’ll see if they have honey chicken next time I’m there.

Dai’s Chinese. He lives in Texas, hence the “Texas” next to “Location” under his name :stuck_out_tongue: And he’s the coolest guy ever… I’m so flattered he posted in my thread ^^

Sin, I understand the not-feeling-well thing. I’m not sure why, but I have that problem often when I eat Chinese food and not really with other foods.

Mandarin chicken is good too.