Children of Mana releases today!

Hey so anyone really stoked by this game? …finally a high profile rpg for the DS :smiley:

Someone buy me a damn DS >:(

I hope Dawn/SD4 makes up for missing this one.

Errggh. I’m waiting a little bit. I have plenty to play for now and the sword of mana remake REALLY disapointed me.

Quoted for <b>fucking truth</b>. Sword of Mana was so damn bad that it is honestly making me not want to pick up this game. Seriously, i don’t think i died ONCE in all of SoM. It was so easy and so boring :frowning:

I’ll probably grab this, but not until the price drops a bit.

I still am really wondering how this game is :expressionless:
Maybe someone can update when they get it. I wanted to buy either Contact or Children of Mana. And probably Rockman Zero, but I want to finish the Rockman Zero series first. I was planning to pick up Contact or CoM when I picked up FFXII, but I really don’t want to be let down by it.

As for the remake, I thought it was pretty boring and I can’t remember why. But it’s a remake, anyway. I figure a majority of the game was remade from its original, so I don’t have much else to say for it, I guess. I still haven’t bothered to finish it, though.

Eh, if it wasn’t a dungeon crawler I’d give it a go. My backlog is filled to the ass with those right now, and I just picked up Contact and Steambot Chronicles.

I’m not big on portables, but I have a friend with a DS who may get it. I’m intrigued by it.

You know what I was looking forward the most? FFA remixes. The music had none of the original’s intensity or coolness. FFA is one of the soundtracks that made Kenji Ito one of the gods of VGM. I also agree, the gameplay was WAY disapointing. Like you, it makes me not want to risk picking it up right away.

Picked it up tonight, and played it for about an hour.

The game seems really fun already. It’s kinda like a cross between Secret of Mana and Legend of Mana, which is good because I think those were the smoothest games in the series as far as combat went.

Story is pretty typical for a Mana game…Too bad, I imagine we’ll never see anything quite like Legend of Mana’s story ever again :confused:

There are four playable characters, but I’m not sure if choosing a different main character causes a different story arc or progression in any way. There are also only three save slots, so if there are multiple story arcs, I guess you can’t see them all, either…

Also, it appears that the entire game is done in solo ops; you only have other party members when playing multiplayer. That’s a damn shame. I hope I’m wrong about that.

In any case, I picked it up expecting a mediocre story and decent gameplay, so I’m not at all surprised. If anything, I’m pretty delighted that it doesn’t play like SD3/Sword of Mana.

Oh, and lastly - the music fucking rocks. Kenji Ito, Masaharu Iwata, and Takayuki Aihara. That’s a really diverse set of composers who are all fucking great at what they do. I’ve only heard like four songs and I’m already impressed.

You fucking suck. While I really wanted to pick up the game, I didn’t want to be let down at the cost of $34.99 and tax. I figure I’d enjoy the game, but possibly not enough. I’ll just wait for a possibly price drop or maybe swipe a copy used from someone.

Solo? :expressionless: Were they that intent to aim for playing with friends and family or what? From what I had read, they weren’t up for wifi (maybe various other reasons not even related to this?) but aimed for family and friends in close proximity. I would have preferred that option, but then again I think someone mentioned something about a lack of a server or something I’m unaware of for it. I would have definitely picked the game up had it allowed the use of wifi, though.

Note: I could be wrong in some points, but I’d rather emphasize it here

Oh yeah, after you play through it some more, make another post about it so I can hear what else you have to say about the game, if anything.

I am a Seiken Densetsu fanboy. I do not have a DS. Sword of Mana was bad. SG, who is trustworthy, says this is both good and like Legend of Mana, which was the best SD. I am at an impasse, or so it would seem.

My name is Gato, I have metal joints.
Beat me up and win silver points.


Don’t get me wrong, the game itself is not like LoM. The gameplay is something similar. Like, imagine SoM’s gameplay, but it moves a lot like LoM. That’s the best way I can describe it.

Zero tells me the gameplay gets way disapointing as the game gets way too easy, although it is supposedly still a better game than SoM GBA.

That’s kinda true. You can actually get more of a challenge by simply just not doing ANY sidequests. Most of the sidequests are randomly generated anyways, so there’s not exactly a ton of incentive to do most of them. Still, the game is pretty easy overall. It’s definitely not bad, though.

Waiting until post-holidays when I have some extra $$$ to shell out…

I would have picked it up immediately, but then I heard it was more a dungeon crawler than anything. I tend to not like dungeon crawlers, so that was a rather significant turn-off.

Somewhat off topic: I wish SD3 would get a port. :bowser: