Children hang themselves imitating Saddam's death

Not to derail, but what happened to that “every 20 years a president dies” curse? (I got nothing against your presidents, it’s just that in Bush’s particular case I was hopeful).

Back to topic, I’ve seen pictures of the execution. Reportedly, people around Saddam were shouting the name of one of his enemies to him and telling Saddam to go to hell. He replied the same way. So it’s likely Saddam’s last words were “Go to hell you all”.

Someone already tried to off him. Of course, that doesn’t mean someone else won’t take a whack at him, I’m sure. :stuck_out_tongue:

Truth. Hangings been around forever, not like Saddams the first one, public or private

I’m sure a “see you in…” would have been more appropriate.

I have to agree with the other comments about how the media blaiming this on the media is bogus. Even that young, they must have known that he died. sure some kids immitate pro wrestlers from TV, that doesn’t cause themselves pain.

Actually, when the Shites around him were yelling “Moktada” and various profanities in his face, Hussein remained calm. When he was told to go to hell, he asked “The hell that is Iraq?” and afterward died with the Muslim profession of faith on his lips.

They didn’t spontaneously commit suicide of course. Still Saddam was an inspiration, I doubt they were all Ian Curtis fans. Now where does the blame fall on? We know jack.

That curse was already broken. Who was elected President back in '80? He was shot, but survived.

You killjoy.