Children hang themselves imitating Saddam's death

I mean, fuck. According to today’s paper, 7 in total.

That’s crazy, I mean, “Oh, hey, I just saw Saddam get hanged, I’m gonna do that too!”. WTF.

And this is exactly why the parents of these days should also give kids a little review on the subject: “How to interpret different types of media properly, such as 9/11, the Hurricane disasters or Saddam’s execution.” or just “WATCH WHAT THE HELL THEIR OFFSPRING ARE DOING ON THE COMPUTER!”

You know what I call that? Good parenting. Ah-yep.

"The situation may have been different in the case of 15-year-old Karmarkar, who, according to reports by a foreign news agency, hanged herself to “feel the pain Saddam did during the execution.”

I thought Saddam died instantly of a broken neck?

Lets all grab ropes and hang ourselves, guys!

I think it’s fucking hilarious.

And anyone with a name like “Moon Moon” deserves to die. Or their parents do.

Don’t know how much he suffered, or how fast he died,but he sure didn’t look pretty after the hanging.

Curiosity and felines, etc. QED.

Ugh. Sad to say, it’s not the first time youths decide to do things like that. Another stupid example is how it became almost fashionable for young men to shoot themselves following the hit The Sorrows of Young Werther by Goethe. That one got at least 2000 people.

Well, TV, but yeah.

Those suicides at least had an aesthetic basis.

The fact really is that Saddam’s hanging really shouldn’t have been broadcast in the first place. Its obvivous some kid or adult is gonna try it. But (sigh) it’s everywhere now.

Or not have taken place in the first place. It’s amazing that Saddam fucking Hussein comes to be considered a martyr by some.

I wonder how many copy cats there were in the past when the majority of executions were done in public.

This immediately reminded me of Darwin Awards. Some awards have repeated themselves too. Most notably, there was one guy who died while trying to spit as far as possible through a window. He tried to add his inertia to the spit in order to cover a great distance and went past the window, falling from some high floor as a result. After the incident got a Darwin some two other guys died while trying the same thing. That’s even less glorious than hanging or a proper suicide.

I agree, it probably shouldn’t have been broadcasted… Such things could lead to tragedy - i.e. kids, mentally disordered people, etc. Happened before, will happen again.

Anyway, you all know what the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek said?

“After Saddam Hussein’s execution, we’re left with this: Saddam is dead. Bush is alive.”

Just for a short reference:
Slavoj Zizek is a philosopher and a (Lacanian) psychoanalyst. He’s international director of the Centre for Advanced Studies in the Humanities at Birkbeck. (You could Google him for more)

Not to be confused with an aestheticist basis. That would be a much cooler way to kill yourself. Get a minour illness and use absinthe and other liquor to cure yourself, rather than medicine and food. “I told the doctor I was a mere several days behind on the leafy greens and a mere several weeks ahead on the small glasses of spirits,” to paraphrase Oscar Wilde himself.

People have died in dumber and more pointless ways.

Kids don’t spontaneously just commit suicide. Blaming the hanging for their deaths rates as one of the stupidest comments made by the media.

…I’d say something here, but that said it all.