Chicks and Starburst

Wouldn’t it be cool if chicks WERE Starburst? As much of a flirt as I can be, I think I’m at a point in my life where I’d rather have a Starburst than a woman.

Amen, brother.

No; You’re dumb.

If it was a pink one, then yes

Yeah, you know that commercial for star bursts? where the guy makes that chicks head out of starbursts? Imagine making a vagina out of starbursts! wow!

The pink ones are a joke, a sick joke gone way too far by some sort of madman , compared to the red ones.

I like my woman like I like my candy.

If we were, we would be sweet and nice and unable to kick you in the balls, but you wouldn’t get any sex. Doesn’t sound like that good a trade.

You’re definately underestimating how hard it is to kick an alert, conscious guy in the balls. Heh, as if we’d passively stand there and let you do it to us. For the majority of girls I’ve heard ball-kick threats from, their words roughly translate to “I’m definately suicidal, I think so.” Besides, there are better things you can do with a guy’s privates than kick them. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

By the way, I don’t think being Starburst would inhibit a guy’s ability to fuck you >_>;;

I bet you eat Yorkie bars all day you limey bastard

Is this a reference to something…? Because if not, you’re at a point of your life? Dude, you’re only 19. And if we were starbursts, guys would probably complain that we’re all the same and have no personality (maybe except for the sour ones, mmm, those are good). :stuck_out_tongue:

we already have starburst, so why would we want to turn the female form into more starburst?

Cause it’s SG and he’s weird. Although one can respect the fact that starburst DO come in many different flavors, just like women.

I just don’t know what to say. I’m actually sort of speechless.
… but the cherry-flavored ones are great.

edit - but like Walhalla said, you think you’re at a point in your life? Damn, and you’re a spring chicken too. :smiley:

But guys don’t walk around covering their bag. It’s soooo easy to just get a shot in there! Not that I’ve ever like, done it myself.

Oh Merlin…silly, silly Merlin. …Silly, silly, silly Merlin. I uh, I don’t know where I’m going with this. :stuck_out_tongue:

I prefer the california ones, honestly (The ones that come in the blue package; don’t be fooled by the BAJA California ones, though! Same color, different Starburst.).

And yes, girls…I’m at a point in my life: Summertime, where my friend clientele (Nerds, tomboys, and misogynists) prevents me from meeting very many women. I need school to be back in session, already. But until then, I’ma go get a Starburst. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah the candy phase; a classic ^^

Now you’re just underestimating human reflexes in general :stuck_out_tongue:

If you wanna know how hard it actually is, go out today and see what happens when you try to kick a guy (one you know) in the balls. Don’t actually do it, just fake him out to see if you’d succeed. I guarantee you wouldn’t.

Edit: Honestly though, if I were you I’d just touch his balls softly, grab his hand, lead him to your room and fuck his brains out. You’d have more fun.

I’ve done the ball kicking thing many times shamed look to Hades Honestly, there’s just so much there to cause pain, even if a few fingers get in the way. Maybe I have big shoes?

throws amnesia dust

Not even oral, bitches.

That’s just sick >.<