ChexQuest was this game that, a several years ago, came free in specialy marked boxes of Chex cereal.
It was this Doom-esque FPS where you played as ChexMan and blasted various slime monsters with “Zorchers”. Was suprisingly fun. I only played it at a friends house, beacause at the time, our current computer didn;t have a CD drive.
Yes, it’s THAT old.

What I’m asking is, might there be someplace where I can download it? It SHOULD be freeware by now. I mean, come on, you got it in boxes of cereal. :slight_smile:

Oh yea, I remember that game. I played it and beat it pretty quick. It was pretty bad though. I would say it wasn’t worth a download, but worth the box of cereal.

It’s actually okay at first, but it’s way too short. I’m not sure it’d be worth a download either.

I guess Doom-esque is an appropriate description. Since the weapons acted exactly the way their counter parts in Doom worked. Same damage effect, same ammo distribution. It was downright funny that at close range the BFG equivalent zorcher slimed you.

Well, regardless of all this, do you all know where a download might be?

(And BTW, I’ve heard that there was a Chexquest 2, also free.)

Check the Underdogs. I actually have the CD of it, but CQ2 and CQ3 (there was a third) are there.

I dunno why, but I liked CQ even though I disliked Doom.

Could you link me to this “underdogs” place?

Google is actually quite a useful tool.

Better than Google

<a href=“”> Metacrawler </a>

I tried googling for it…no luck.

EDIT: yay, I found it. That Underdogs site has it…Igoogled for THAT.

Thanks, all.

EDIT2:Kay, the ganme is woking but I’;m having a small problem with it…some of the buttons (namely, the fire button) won’t respond. Does anyone know what the problem may be?

EDIT3:Problem solved.

I think that game was Doom, just with different sprites and new levels.