Cheney owned by 12 year old girl

Some may go as far as saying he got pwned.

Fuck, that’s awesome.


Timeout indeed. Kudos kid. Kudos.

I have an all new respect for this nation’s youth.


Ilena wins.


d00d, toly pwnzd

Well done comrade.

That. Is. So. AWESOME.

Timeout for you, Cheney!

Big deal. It’s not very hard to make jokes like that, the only reason people are making a big deal about it is because the kid had a chance to say it at the convention. It’s hardly witty, most 12 year olds could come up with something like that.

Go t33m?

and they wonder where we get our cusswords… its not from vid games.

And the Conservitives are blasting Kerry’s wife for her ‘Shove It’ comment, they seem to have forgotten about Cheney’s cussing awful quick.

Yeah, but most 12 year olds don’t found grassroots political movements either.

nooo, they just make “help the african ppl” or “save the rainforest” or “help save our church” or that stuff. i see lots of that.

two weeks later, the girl is sanctioned by the US to get rid of her nuclear weapons. After the inspectors find nothing, they are removed and Bush bombs the crap out of her anyways, saying that she was just hiding them. They then continue searching, and when none are found, bush states that he was removing her citizens from an opressive regieme.

what 12 year these days really gets a time out?

My mom didn’t give me time-outs when I cussed.
I got smacked in the fuckin’ mouth and the ass =P

spanks Steve for foul language