Cheesy Boss Battles

I found the second Black Waltz battle pretty darn tough, actually. Most of FF9’s boss battles were challenging in some way.

Truth be told, however:
ANY bos battle can be cheesy if you level up to zealotous extent, like Golbez does. It’s like a part of his theology. Granted, the task I did would have been harder had I not used Golbez’s game file (I am a bit of a berserker and rush to my doom :thud: ), but I think it was still weak.

Final Fantasy: Yes, I heard that the bane spell can kill Tiamat, too, although I never succeeded in doing that. I once managed to incinerate Lich with a fire 3, spell, though.

Final Fantasy II: The emperor, Satan/Beelzebub, Astaroth, and Tiamat were pathetic with blood swords and a sword-ability of 16. All fell with a single blow; Firion slew the emperor and inflicted just over 10,000 points of damage.

Final Fantasy V: Fortsa and Magissa (I have always managed to slay Magissa easily before she calls Fortsa), and the bone tyrannosaurus (A phoenix down destroys it instantly).

Final Fantasy VI: The ghost train (pathetic on the whole), Wrexsoul (Need I say more than x-zone?), and the senior behemoth (a phoenix down knocked it out), and good old Kefka.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest: The dark king falls to the cure spell; for me it inflicted something like 35,000 damage.

…And you call yourself the ‘Flower of Chivalry.’

Actually, another addition: The Magus Sisters, from FFIV. I admit, the first time I fought them, I got slaughtered, because I stupidly didn’t realize the one had Life2. :o But now, I get them every time.

I got here late & I just noticed this so I have a questoin for this person if or when he gets back.That of which is how do you know when you are ready to fight the final form of Sin as Jecht?I do not want to losee that many times. :victoly:

Well here is a good idea. Why don’t ya save your game, on your ship, then go and fight him. If you get your arse handed to you in a small paper bag, then you ain’t ready. So just reload, and train some more.

But in all truth, if you can defeat the monster in the Omega Dungeon, or even the ones in Sin with ‘relative’ ease, you should be able to handle him.

Like Sir Percival had mentioned earlier, Kefka wasn’t that much of a challenge. Choas was rather easy to defeat in Final Fantasy 1. Didn’t seem as tough as I thought he was going to be.

Indalecio was stupidly easy on my Claude game.

Party - (Meatshield) + Rena + Celine + Leon

Meatshield: I wave pointy weapons/laser cannons/whatever else at you!

Celine + Leon: cast Gremlin Storm over and over

Rena: revives Meatshield

And so forth.

I was expecting the three Shadow Sirens from Paper Mario 2 to be hard, but a Power Jump to each sister followed by Koops’ shell attack killed all three of them. Bit disappointing, really.

Yow!! Seafood soup!!

Now that’s a villian I wouldn’t mind seeing in another FF.

The final boss of Ninja Gaiden. I pulled a Blade of Nirrti (or the equivalent) with Unlabored Flawlessness then switched to Dragon Sword and busted out the Flying Swallows on him. What a stupid way to end a great game.

If you’re looking for RPG boss battles, then pretty much FFX’s final boss. And the boss right before One-Winged Sephiroth. I killed him with a Knights of the Round. Laaame.

FFT…i killed Altima with just Cid and Ramza, sickeningly easy

seconded. Heck, any battle after you get Cid is just…easy. I decided not to use Cid in a playthrough of FFT just to see if I could challenge myself.

Well, in FFX I killed the very last boss, Yu Yevon, with just one hit (Yunie’ s staff pwned it!). That’ s the cheesiest battle i can think of. The 2nd cheesiest one is against Sephiroth in FF7, I pwned a final boss once more after having defeated all the weapons and trained my characters real hardcore. And that’ s all, I guess…

Um, this is called a necropost. Look at the last time someone posted on this.

Oh, 1 month isn’t bad. I’ve seen threads over 3 years old get revived before.

Actually, sometimes it’s a good thing.

Whole ff8 is way too easy, me thinks. i havent found any boss in that game that could make any proplems but in ff7 ruby weapon is getting sometimes on my nerves, thats why its my favourite ff, there is some chalenge in that game ( omega and ruby weapons). ff9 is too easy also i read everywhere how hard ozma is and then i beated it with first try. really disapointing!!!

I remember once when I battled Starman Deluxe in Earthbound, whom some had described as a difficult enemy because of his powerful psionic repertoire. I simply had Paula cast Shield-Sigma. The Starman Deluxe cast Starstorm-Alpha on the following round, which was reflected back at him and struck out almost all of his HP. Ness’ bat felled him on the following round.

I hated the battle in FF VII, where your entire party had to fight Sephi. Once I got started with beating one side, that annoying message would pop up asking if I wanted to switch to another party. Really annoying after the tenth time.

Has anyone actually beat Nemesis in FF X? I have all characters with maxed stats(in the respective catagories), their powered up weapons, the best ablities, and really strong Magus Sisters. Kills me off within five turns, or so. Auron, Tidus, and Kimahri are all above 60k HP, too.

That is where you are going wrong. You don’t want to have Break Life Limit, OR whatever it is called. What you really need is the auto life ability, that way even when Nemesis does kill you, you’ll be brought right back. So you can just keep pounding on him.

I’m not sure how well it works though, since I’ve never actually bother getting round to trying it. Got really bored with FFX, after a while.