Cheesy Boss Battles

Whats ure cheesyest boss battle that youve done. Like what was suppost to be hard, and you got lucky and kicked that thing’s behind?

I just did the Sin battles at the end of FFX, Anime, killed all 4, the last one just taking 2 regular hits, and 2 overdrives. Perfect Overkill. :slight_smile:

I had it the other way around…I beat a boos easy and died moments later to a random battle. I didn’t even get to do anything. He just appeared and killed me. Then when i had to do the boss over, he was hard.

Ozma. Thievery/Dragon Crest/Bahamut/Madeen. Some Full Life in between and Grand Lethal.

Ultimecia/Griever/Both: Rinoa used Invincible Moon three times in a row.

The Phantom Train (FFVI) and Soulcage (FFIX). Used a Phoenix Down on them and bingo.

I like the final boss of X-2, Zegnagun, or whatever his name was. He’s huge, has all these really interesting attacks which are spelled in Latin, and he was the easiest boss I’ve ever fought.

Now thats good.

lessee, the whole outside of sin i basically destroyed before it could get one attacxk off, which was very sad. Actually just about all of the bossess of ffX were kinda easy. And in ff7, palmer, I don’t think that guy ever attacked me, he just kept dancing around and junk, so mark that one up as well. And all of the hojos were easy for me as well if i recall. And Darkcloud in ff3. for the final boss, you can beat it in some three-four turns easy.

The final battle of FFX. As a story point, it was sad. As a boss fight, it was sadder.

Any of the bosses from Final Fantasy VI. All are ridiculously easy. I swear, if anyone ever lost against one of them, I’d laugh at them. Very derisively. (And I’m not the type to do that, either)

Tactics, Altima. By the end of the game, my 5 knights with two swords (each of which were excalibur thanks to the handy dupe-trick) and I killed the bitch in one round.

Man, but I tweeked the hell out of that game… FFX’s last boss was just dumb though.

I thought it was convenient. Yeah it was stupid that you could be revived, but that was the point, and it added to the fact that Yu Yevon had been the one to continue the cycle, blah blah blah. The last boss was technically Jecht, I guess. And what was the point of killing the aeons again…?

So Yu Yevon wouldn’t have anyone else to merge with, so you could fight the little spider guy head-on.

My cheesiest fight was actually in Star Ocean 2. The dragon boss in the Cave of Trials, which can be really tough… but I was equipped with a shield that very randomly kills whoever attacks the wearer (it almost never works in regular battles), and for some goshdarn reason it worked this time. :sunglasses:

That actually works on the last boss and the ultimate hidden boss, too! To date, I’ve killed Iseria Queen 30 times using that trick!

Holy CHRIST, you insta-killed that bastard? I’m jealous… >_>

I take it this guy is really hard to beat? (ive never played SO2)

Ah, thanks Cid. Must go read the FFX story again.

And dudes, the dragon things are ALWAYS easy, even without insta kill. Even with one person, as long as you dish out the attacks every half second, it wont be able to do anything. I love fighting those things for EXP.

How to beat 99.99% of anything in SO2:

Mirror Slice + Fairy Ring = Win
Mirror Slice + Sword Dance + Fairy RingX2 = Easier Win.

Of course, that’s until it becomes:

(Mirror Slice + Sword Dance) * (Indalecio - Limiter) = You’re Fucked.

Nuh uh, Ashton’s HURRICANE SLASH owns ALL. That’s how I beat every boss under 3 minutes. Well, Gabrielle and the Queen, at least. It’s fun, it’s fun, it hits for 9999. I like sword dance as well, but I found that it executed much too slowly for my liking.

I defeated Seraph Sephiroth using only physical attacks and Limit Breaks (I had Quadra-Slash and Long Range Materia equipped on my entire party)

I broke Tiamat in FF1 on the NES my first time I fought him (the spell was Brak in the original, I think). I’ve never had it happen again since that one time.

I played FFIX one night with Golbez, and I was dog tired. I played about in a stupor, and when Golbez finally woke my ass up, I realized: I had beaten two of the three Black Waltzes in my sleep!:boring: