Cheese and weird canadians

I swear this is the strangest technical (technological too?) development I’ve ever seen in the food industry.

edit: And a place called ‘Ha! Ha! Bay’? WTF?!

I’ll renew my tourist passport and go to Canada. One cannot die in peace without ever having experienced a swim in a lake named Ha! Ha! with sunken cheese in it.

The whole concept sounds like something you would only see in a colorful videogame.

Thats…interesting.Though the only thing I can come up with is water+chedder=blah,I have heard that pressure and other conditions do improve aging abit.It’d be cool of it worked though.But how the hell can they freakin lose track of a shipment of cheese in a lake?Dont they record anything?

Wouldn’t the cheese dissolve in the water or something?

Ok. I’m surprised I haven’t heard of such an important news on TV.

The ‘‘Baie des Ha! Ha!’’ isn’t even located correctly on the map and there’s nothing special about it. Except the cheese.

Or eaten by fish, or carried away to the sea?

The more I think of it, the more risky the canadian cheese bizz sounds to me.

Common, even Pakistan’s Daily Times had the story! :wink:

Ren, the best time of the year to visit Canada is January. But you should wear something that looks like this:

as in Bay des Ha-Ha.

Wow you’re so clever, did you think of those jokes yourself? =o


Pakistan’s Daily Times

Also in that site, a parrot’s been censored for telling people to fuck off.

Ren, speaking of Canadian weather, this summer is very warm (if not hot). In the cities like Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal the temperature reached 30 degrees C and more quiet often. So, if you visit Canada in summer, the dress code in this case is not much different from Brazil :wink:

Actually, it is different. No Rio Carnival.

Unless you’re visiting during the Divers/Cité pride parade, where dressing like a complete freak is encouraged.

You might aswell throw Vancouver onto that list too… I’ve been getting heat stroke lately. :bowser:

that’s rather odd…cheese…in the bottom of a lake…aaaalllrighty. first thought: someone is freakin retarded. think about it and picture this scenario

cheese company chairman: alright, how can we make our cheese the best? any ideas gentlemen?

man1: we could expose some to radiation. It would bring out the zesty(?) flavor.

chairman: good idea, but we have no radioactive waste at the moment.

man2: we could launch it into space, send a recovery satellite and bring it back to earth, baking it as it falls through the atmosphere.

chairman: we don’t have that kind of budget.

hillbilly: ah has an ideer.

chairman: where did you come from?

hillbilly: ya could sank raght down thar with them fishes and it’d tase real good when the water done soaked through it.

chairman: brilliant!! we’ll start right away!

Get that temperature to 36 Celsius and I might more serously consider going there.

Oooo… Cheeese.