Checking baggage when changing planes

If I have a layover, and I have to change planes, will I have to pay to have my baggage checked again, if they do need to be checked again?

I found that baggage rules change from company to company, personally. So you might. DO you know what airline you’re flying under?

If they’re not carry-ons, generally, with major airlines, you should not have to check them again, since they’re flying separately. But yeah, check company policy.

If I can get the last nonstop flight, AA, otherwise it will be delta, and I would have to change planes (though it’s still Delta).

If your itinerary has layovers built in, and you don’t swap airlines I don’t think you have to recheck bags. They just get slapped with a sticker that says where your final destination is and they go on their merry way while you go on yours. If you have to exit out of security at some point to pick up your bags to make it to another airline you have to recheck everything.

I’ve never had to.

It also depends on if you have to pass through customs. If you do, you’ll have to take them out and check them back in, but my experience was that I didn’t have to leave the checked-in area and re-check in, there were desks built for the purpose there.

Yes, anything that involves customs means you need to check it again. Basically, look at your baggage tag. It has the final baggage destination on it, so if the airport code is the same as your final destination, you don’t need to re-check.

Even if you do need to re-check, chances are you won’t have to pay twice. You can call up the airline ahead of time to confirm this, but I’m pretty sure my sister had this situation and they told her she only had to pay once.

Yeah, I flew a lot in the summer and this was never a problem for me. A bigger problem was my luggage getting lost between planes and me having to wait for it to get delivered back to me through the mail.