Check this out! (Airsoft)

I got into airsoft awhile ago after a friend told me about it. Since then the hobby has spread like a disease with everyone I know. I like it better than painball since the guns are much cooler.

Up until this point we used nothing but single shot spring guns, but now things are going auto. I just ordered this bad boy off Ebay- So sweet, it’s almost illegal (and in some places is).

For the initiated, Airsoft is kind of like painball, but you can play it just about anywhere. The guns shoot 6mm plastic BBs, so you can play in shorts in a T-Shirt if you’re brave enough. All the guns we used up to this point were spring powered and you had to cock them for every shot. This sucker is electric powered, capable of semi and full auto fire. I can’t wait to use it on someone.

Good lord… I’m doomed.

Originally posted by Thomas Paxton
Good lord… I’m doomed.

Indeed you are. But in whole, things also start to even up a little more.