Check out who's also dead

That Mitch Headberg guy, he was on the comedy central a couple times

Wait… is that the Smacky the Frog guy? Cuz if so, I’m greatly disheartened. If not, well… who gives a shit? :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of my friends really liked him, but they quoted him all the damn time, so I really hated him

Yeah, thats the Smackey the Frog guy. He was my favorite comedian :frowning:

…dammit. He was mine too. :frowning:

Shit… that’s the guy that was almost completely deadpan with all his comedy, right?

He looks like him…

Yeah. Talked like he was always stoned.

Yeah, Bass Wolf died today. Guitar Wolf kicks so much ass and now he’s gone. Everyone is just dying today.

“I would imagine if you understood Morse Code, a tap dancer would drive you insane.”

Ah, okay, so my thread wasn’t necessary.

I kinda liked the stuff of his I heard. My brother was the big fan of his, though. I had to break the news to him tonight. He was pretty surprised, and kinda bummed.

You can’t even quote him on the internet, so much of his material was delivered in his way, that just typing it out doesn’t make it funny. I mean, for someone who never heard him talk to read stuff that he said, it’s just not funny.

Yeah, but if you’ve heard his voice enough that you can replicate it in your head as you read…

I mean, last night, on some other board, somebody posted a bunch of Mitch Hedberg one liners. I’m sitting there reading them, hearing his voice in my head as I do. And I’m busting up.

I need to borrow his stuff from my brother.