Check it out


Oh my God. It’s the old avatar. It’s back.

I miss Trily’s goofy one. :frowning:

Hey, I like this one!

Awesome, can’t wait to see how you’ll mutate it this time round. :slight_smile:

Great…I needed that avatar to haunt my dreams again! Everyone hide your faces!

What was your old name? EPL? El Piano Loco or something?

I don’t miss that one bit

Sephy! :smiley:

Now if Steve would bring back Happy Che Che :3

YEAH! Those were good times.

What’s up with the sig that says Hedes in the background? (Nice font in El piano loco.)


Dude, we’re on a boat.

Merl must have been freaking out.

Dude, there was no one that he DIDN’T freak out at least once. :stuck_out_tongue:


Dew yew half d and rough? Why know sur. Yore hare is wight.

I picked this thread to say how psyched I am that I caught a glimpse of the EPL signature pic. :smiley:

Dude… YES. Lmao

It’s… an opening point bracket and five dashes?
Just tell me, I’m bad at this.

Oh, and I look forward to the soon to be mayhem.

It’s an arrow. It points left, to the halcyon days of Charlemagne’s height, soon to be revived as the Holy RPGCian Emperor drives the vile, Urielist taint from our tutti frutti lands.