check and mate, mother fscker

That’s…all I can think to describe it is, weird.

What a waste of time

Classic newgrounds.

The best line is:

Big Nutter
You are a F**king Moron!

Not worth cookies!

I would be inclined to agree. You can also find the very disturbing Flash called Salad Fingers there as well. I was a member of the NG message boards a few years back. But I’d have to say the best Flash series I saw at NG was the VGClassics series about the Rise and Fall of the Mushroom Kingdom

Sorry Charle, I hear too much obnoxious militaristic isolationist propaganda at work, and I don’t like seeing it in a format oriented towards people under the age of old.

Yes, there are valid points, but rather than let the argument carry its own wieght, which I admit it did have a decent measure of, the good little government sheep that wrote that flash movie decided to simply be a dick, and in doing so, pissed me off.

I will however say that I liked the letters at the beginning, and I too think Canadian chicks are hot.