Cheating device help

Recently I tried to buy a new Gameshark (my old one broke down) to replay some of my old games with new gimmicks. However, I was only able to find a Pro Action Replay (for the PS one) which I was told would work fine on the PS2 (but only on PS one games, of course.) However, the games freeze when I try to load them. I went to their website but found no explanation for this. Could it be a problem with the memory cards (where the cheat codes need to be saved first)? Anybody know what I can do? Should I buy a PS one? (My old one doesn’t want to work with the PAR either, but that might be because it’s an old (annd beat up) model.) Are they STILL selling PS ones? If so, how much do they cost?

As far as I’ve heard, no PS1 cheat devices work on the PS2, including the Action Replay. However, if you purchase a PS2 Action Replay, it comes with a bonus disc that allows you to use codes on your PS1 games.

As far as getting an original PlayStation goes, you can pick one up in any Gamestop or Electronics Boutique for between $29.99 and $39.99 (having worked at EB for so long, I know they have at least 3 stores in Puerto Rico; I don’t know if any of them are close to you, or if their prices are the same as they are in the continental US). Otherwise, I’d just see if you can return the PS Action Replay to whoever told you that it’d work on PS2.

I got the PAR at a Key B toys after I returned a Codebreaker that also, surprise, didn’t work on my PS one games. I could return the PAR but I would only get like 9$ of store credit from it. -_- There IS an Electronics Boutique near me but I called and they don’t carry the PS one anymore. I DID find out that they were selling them for 40$ at the local Walmart- but they were fresh out. Of course. :frowning:

Maybe I should buy the PAR for the PS2. How much is it?

Depends where you get it. Circuit City (where I work) is trying to phase out cheating devices, so we sell them for about $10 USD. Most places sell them for $40 USD.

I need to go visit circuit city.

Man, Fate is weird.

Today I went to the birthday party of one of my best friends’ kids- and it turns out they had a PSX they weren’t using anymore! I offered to buy it, but they just gave it to me! However, the power cord is missing. So now I need to find a new one. Question: is it available separatedly? Where can I find one? (I suspect it must include an adapter, as well, since the PSX says it’s a 7.5 V device.)

You can use the PS2 power cord in a PS1. The power cord used in a PS1 is very common, and can be found at any fry’s or radioshack (if you’ve got those down there) for around a dollar.

Just look for the shape, voltage doesn’t matter, because all the cords that terminate in that “Square-Circle” shape are the same voltage.

That’s true, but this is a PSX, not a PS1, the power cord is obviously different.

At least the PAR does work on PSX… it says so in the box!

PSX and PS1 are the same device, correct? The PSX has the same hardware, just a different shell, as the PS1.

The device I got says “PS one” but is only about half as large and requires a power cord with a female-type plug, and reads “DC 7.5 V” right next to the plug port. Is this a PSX or another model?

You have a PSone. The PSX is usually (incorrectly) used to refer to the original bulky model Playstation (this misconception came when Sony code named the original Playstation the “Play Station Experimental,” and game magazines ran with the “PSX” abbreviation. The PSX is in fact a PS2 with some extra featurality released exclusively in Japan). I tend to refer to the PSone as a “PSone,” a “PlayStation One,” a “PS1,” or a “PlayStation Mini.” The original model is still referred to as a “PSX” or a “PlayStation.”

The smaller PSone does not use the same power cable as the PS2. You could probably get a power supply at a RadioShack or whatever equivalent you have, or you could order one from Sony. Unfortunately, no other Sony device uses that particular adapter (unless the PStwo does, which I couldn’t say for sure… >_>).

I guess we were having terminology issues D:

In my mind-

PSX = Overpriced tivo unit ps2 thing
PS1 = PlayStation (the gray one)
PSone = The PS redesign
PS2 = PlayStation 2 (the thick black one)
PStwo = Slimline PS2
PSP = Pancakes

So let’s just review this one more time - a Pro Action Replay device for the PS2 will come with a disc that allows you to use Pro Action Replay codes for PS1 games that you stick in your PS2?

That is correct, sir. At least, they did when I bought it.