Cheap game decision.

CITIZENS OF RPGCLASSICS! I am in dire need of help! You see, as you probably know, I’m an undecisive son of a gun.

I cannot decide bettewn a few PS2 games. Yes, I have a PS2 now. Ainit it’s grand? Anyway, I need opinions on the few following games. Prices are about the same(Goes from 18 to 24), so money is not the problem. The choice of which one to take is!

Anyway, the list is…

Megaman X8
God of War
Drakengard 2

Opinions? :o

God of War. It’s extremely excellent.


God of War that game is awesome and it has some tight easter eggs and ulockables like the milk man costume where you kill things with milk jugs, and there is a phone number you can dial to talk to the person that does the voice of the main character.

WEll let’s see:

Drakengard 2: Never played it, but I hear it’s a lot the same compared to the first one, which is just a whole lot of hack and slash. It’s probly okay.

FFX-2: This one is hit or miss. You’ll definitely be playing it for the gameplay and not the story…That being said, the gameplay is pretty fun, but you still might wanna stray from this one unless you were a fan of the first one.

God of War: This game is incredibly well-made. The only beef I had with it (and why I stopped playing it really) is that it catches your interest really quick and then doesn’t DO anything with it…I guess that could be said of most platformers if you think about it, but for some reason I REALLY felt that way about God of War. Maybe I just don’t like 3D platformers all that much. Anyways, it’s definitely not bad, but look elsewhere if you want a challenge; God of War is just a cool experience.

Mega Man X8: If you’re a fan of the Mega Man series, especially X, you’ll love this game - EASILY the best X game since X4, and I personally think it’s the best in the series, because it improves on so many good ideas that weren’t fully explored in the previous games, while still retaining a ‘back to the basics’ feel overall, which has been lacking since X5, X8 instead goes for a ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ philosophy, and the gameplay hasn’t felt more fluid since the SNES X games. If you’re big into X, or 2D platformers, there’s no reason not to get this one.

FFX-2 is pretty poor compared to others in the series so unless you are a great fan I would stick clear of it. I would go for God of War, its a great game

GOD OF WAR! Why would you choose ffx-2 if youve played both of them?!

FFX-2 if you just want a laid back game.

God of War if you enjoy utterly insane puzzles and such.

Go with God Of War, if you enjoy the blood-guts and gore games. Or go with Final Fantasy 10-2, if you need to fill in your collection of the game series. The others hmm I don’t know very well, but Drakengard 2 looks the same as the first.

LOL, wow. That shouldnt even be a contest. If you pick anything from that list other than God of War, then you have 0 taste in video games.

Lord Kaiok: Those puzzles were easy as hell. If you think those were easy, you must’ve fried your brain trying to play Ocarina of Time.


I think you mean “hard”. And they WERE hard to me, as I’ve got horrible luck with solving puzzles, even if the answer is obvious.

Besides, FFX-2 was just more fun to me.

Either God of War or Megaman. You really can’t go wrong with either.


They took a beautiful setting, storyline, and two GREAT characters, and turned them into PORN MODELS. Of course, everyone is turned on by at least ONE of the characters in every Final Fantasy game, and if you weren’t you’re lying. In FFX-2 they made Rikku twice as hyper (I heard a lot of complaints about how “perky” she was, and now she’s even worse), and made Yuna a Charlie’s Angel wannabe. The game plays more like an adventure game like Jak and Daxter, where you need to get 100% before the end of a game, and you can choose certain people to ally with and such, in order to have different endings. The storyline was idiotic, with, after finding out what happened to the main character WITH HER OWN EYES, YET SHE STILL TRIES TO FIND HIM AND PROVE HE’S REAL. I only made it to fifteen percent before quitting and saying “I can’t play this anymore. I just can’t.” I was EMBARRASSED to play this game with any family or friends around, which is why I only played it when I was alone after early-morning seminary and no one was awake yet. But I was still embarrassed because it LOOKED LIKE I WAS PLAYING A HENTAI VIDEO GAME.

(Capitalized text for emphasism, not yelling. I was too lazy to hit the italic button.)

I’d suggest God of War, myself. I’ve been wanting that game for a while. I’ve also heard that the MMX series has busted after MMX: Command Missions.

So, is this about reducing eroticism to blatant erotica?

:ah-ha!: 66% of the ladies fall for Edgar.

They also screwed up Yuna’s personality. She was cool and wise in the last one, and in this one she’s all jumpy. I can’t wait to trade that game in.

It’s about shooting down a video game that is a disgrace to be called a final fantasy.

That’s because she’s in a love-induced trance to find Tidus. People do weird things when in love.

FFX spoilers.

[spoiler]Actually, Yuna’s personality change makes perfect sense. She was self-repressed all her life, since she dedicated herself to being a summoner and defeating Sin (and not expecting to come back from it). Once that enormous force is gone from her life, she feels liberated and much freer - especially with a cousin like Rikku making suggestions for her, and a new task (to find what happened to Tidus). She never let herself have fun before; the reason for doing this is now gone, so she’s making up for lost time.

As for what happened to Tidus, it’s not like it was this absolute certainty. Tidus was an anomaly; no one really understood who he was or what happened to him. And the person in the sphere she found looked and sounded exactly like him, so it’s not like it’s ridiculous that she wants to find out what the deal is.[/spoiler]

I’m not saying FFX-2’s story is unbelievable, but it’s not as god-awful as people make it out to be, and the gameplay is some of the most fun you’ll have in the series. The battles are quick and sharp and the job system is quite nice. As for the hentai bits… have you really been playing video games lately? Ever since Tifa in FF7, nearly every game has had at least one character who’s designed to titillate. The only difference is that this time all three of them were. 8p I admit I wouldn’t play it with my mother watching, but it’s not much worse than usual.

I haven’t played any game with stuff as bad as FFX-2 before. With the ten-to-fifteen percent I got to in that game before giving up I think I saw three or four good shots of up Rikku’s skirt. That wasn’t cool, because my dad AND uncle just came in when one showed up.

The dress sphere system was ingenius, and reminded me of FFV, my favorite FF. I loved the idea but that was just like putting Britney Spears in a video game. Rikku was my best dancer, but I couldn’t keep her like that because she was so annoying and danced like a stripper.

Then there was LeBlanc. Why the hell does she walk around with her shirt opened and no bra on? I’m surprised that the wind on that gagazet ruins didn’t blow her shirt open (considering how real they want games to be nowadays). There is really no excuse for what they did to those characters.

I understand what you said in those spoilers, Cid, but I still can’t stand how Yuna went from friendly and shy, to an annoying, bouncy and Charlies Angel. I mean, after they found out that a temple used forbidden machina she had to do it too. I mean, half the game was about everyone hating that. Then she just follows suit like it never happened? >|

Don’t forget that this takes place two years after FFX. Two years is a long time to get rid of outdated reasoning - and Yevon was revealed as being not only completely wrong, but hypocritical and actively nasty. And don’t forget that Yuna’s half Al Bhed, and you know their feelings about machina. The truth is that Yuna was never as strait-laced as she seemed; she always had an undercurrent of cheerfulness and mischief that came to light in certain circumstances. She’s just been given the freedom to let it out now.

Again, you seem to be mostly complaining about the visuals and not any of the actual content. Yes, the visuals are over-the-top, especially if you play in a family room, but if my family saw KOS-MOS’s new outfit in Xenosaga Episode III, or the way Lulu looks after winning a battle in the original FFX, or any closeup of Jessica from Dragon Quest VIII at all, they’d also look at me funny. Video games always have sexed-up characters. (From what I’ve heard of Magna Carta, it’s even worse than FFX-2.)

Also, your analogy with Britney Spears is pretty apt. FFX-2 is meant to either parody or imitate (or both) J-Pop, which is mainly based on American pop. Pop culture idols like Spears are increasingly sexualized; Spears’ outfits are regularly far more provocative than anything Rikku wears. However, the emphasis is not on the sex, but on the “pop culture”. Other than the visuals, there’s nothing sexual about any of the scenes (other than the hot springs scene, which is more of a nudge-nudge-wink-wink bonus, since it’s not so easy to find).