Charlezvous Teaser

I tried to hard to make it look cool, it just sucks now

This was more of a mini series. The future ones will be better and lower budget.




Eeepers! ^^;;

OMG LOL STFU YOU N00B gets blown up

Ow…seriously, that was cool. :slight_smile:

Interesting. Funny and cool :slight_smile:

Interesting Lamer Killing, Excelent Charl =P

Who you gonna call? The lamerbusters! XD

Die, Lamers, die!

Nice job there, Charl.

Originally posted by Booken
Who you gonna call? The lamerbusters! XD

Or you call X.

Hahaha, that’s pretty cool.

Holy Zen!


Is this for the Sprite Con you were talking about?

Who you gonna call? Lamerbusters!

Originally posted by Chris of the Brood
Or you call X.

Thats what I said. >.>

X is Like…The LamerBuster god.

Be warned.

Dude, I so totally broke that guy’s neck Solid Snake-like. Sweet Mother fucker…

Just so you all know, that pink haired lamer bitch ran away, and thats what X shot at.

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful form. I’m eager to see more of these.