Okay, for those of you that don’t know. I’m going to japan for 30 days next month. So what is there to do there? Go! These are the things I already plan on doing

Things to do in Japan

Get Japanese Haircut
Look at Koi
Visit Shigeru

List of things to bring


what else should i bring

A camera

A Japanese to English dictionary.

Koi food

Thing to do in Japan: purchase used schoolgirl underwear.

The sad thing is, you CAN buy those at vending machines. :eek:


  • Screw hookers! Get a geisha! More expensive but hey, more memorable!!

  • Hire somebody to just be your translator. Easier than a dictionary.

  • NEVER call yourself an “Otaku” there. :fungah:

  • Buy all the games you can’t get here!

And, the hardest one for you:

BE POLITE! Seriously the wrong word or gesture can get your ass kicked there.

Have a nice trip! :slight_smile:

You probably won’t get your ass kicked, but people will stare at you, aghast. You might get your ass kicked if you ask a yakuza for a cigarette, though. I think I almost did.

For a second the family-friendly profile of Wil collapsed :crab:

Anyway, I think you should bring Shigeru back.

Heh, I’m going to try and go over summer. I’m not sure how long it takes from California to there, but I believe its about an 18 hour flight from here to Japan. So I guess just take some things to entertain you on the way over there. I’d suggest an mp3 player or video player (maybe one of those carry on battery charger things), games, books, etc, to keep yourself occupied.

Please don’t post in my threads anymore.

I fully expect you to return home in nothing less than a giant robot.


From what I’ve seen, if you take too long to pay, they will throw you to your death and sell your sister into prostitution.

I have a question for you guys, what does it take to get you assholes to give me some legitimate advice? “OH CHARLEMAGNE MADE A THREAD! LETS FLOOD IT WITH STUPID SHIT!” I’m going for 30 days, I need some serious posts please. I assumed you idiots knew ANYTHING about japan, being nerds and all.

PS: Cless, as the only person to give me a good idea. You get massive props. So congratulations. I was going to bring a camera, but I forgot to add it to the list.

I have to ask - what is a Japanese haircut?

Which cities will you be visiting? It will be a little easier giving suggestions knowing that. If you’re staying in Tokyo or a similar big city then obviously you will want to check out the different sectors. If you’re visiting a more rural city or town (unlikely for a tourist but you never know) then try some more traditional things.

Try finding Toho studios, Sony HQ, Nintendo HQ, and any other big name company. I’m sure you could find several of their HQ… getting inside is a different story.

For traditional things, checking out a Noh or Kabuki act would be pretty top notch. I hear Mt. Fuji is a pretty doable hike as well.

Don’t forget to check out fish markets. We all know Japan loves their commercial fishing. I bet you could find all sorts of interesting things in those.

Things to bring, well you have it covered there already. Especially if you’re bringing a camera too. It’s good to travel light. Maybe a notebook and pen/pencil to make note of symbols, maybe to write them down and show to native speakers in case you can’t pronounce something but can write it.

I’d visit all the shinto shrines you can, they’re usually beautiful. Go to a hot springs, I guess. Try to find the rastas in Kyoto? Go to a crazy Japanese metal concert. Go to a Shiina Ringo concert. Buy toys from vending machines. Vending machine toys are the best.

You might as well just do this for the entire 30 days. Bring lots of coins.

Probably sound advice, the word’s Americanized meaning is somewhat different from the meaning in Japan.

No, the Japanese in general will just shun you in subtle ways that most people don’t pick up on. Be prepared to not know that somebody is mad at you unless you pay really close attention.

A friend of mine who went to Japan bumped into somebody while talking on his cellphone. He immediately started apologizing in Japanese (he is fluent) and the person just looked him straight in the eye and responded, in broken English, by saying it wasn’t a problem several times and he continued to use broken English even after he mentioned that he spoke Japanese, and never broke eye contact until he walked away after slowly saying “Have a nice day” in English. The person that he was walking with at the time later berated him for not noticing that the person was extremely mad at him and was trying very hard to make him feel unwelcome and get him to back away… By making eye contact, smiling, and speaking slowly and loudly in English (all things that would seem friendly if you didn’t know Japanese culture and the context of the conversation).

That is a much more typical reaction to a tourist doing something rude than a beating, although I assume a beating would be an option for somebody like Charlemagne.

As most Japanese food is amazingly tasty, my recommendation for the trip is to eat some or all of these:

Fried gyoza, toro (fatty tuna) and unagi (fresh water eel) sashimi or sushi, takoyaki, and okonomiyaki.