Charlemagne is sad

There was a time when I had oceans of adoring fans ready to die for me. Now it seems I’m just like all the other shmucks…

You ARE just like all the other shmucks.

This is the answer to your problem:

Music Album: The Strokes - Is This It?

I die for yous!!!

Charle you gave me my first super awesome avatar! You roooock!

I freaking love you, I’d take like 25 bullets for you, in the groin

In order to have oceans of adoring fans, you must first adore fans of oceans.

Well, you know, disappearing for extended periods of time can do that to you.

Ah, well I hope that you feel better soon. You’ll still be the original.

Who are you?

He’s Ramza, just ignore him.

<img src=“”> You still rock Charlemagne, it just you haven’t been as activate lately. Maybe you should start eating the faces of the newbies and your followers will return to your fold.

Do I still count as a newbie? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, you’re one of the most interesting users I’ve seen here. Still don’t match up to Jedimdo, though. (He’s not a member here, but he’s one of my most favorite people )

hug don’t feel sad Charlemagne.

They all did die for you. That’s why you’re back to being a loser.

<i>Other</i> megalomaniacs I could name had the good sense to get killed when their public support flagged.

Here I am! Rocked you like a Charlemagne!

[main solo


---- -15br(15)p13- -15bF- -------------15-
---- ------------- ------ ----------------
---- ------------- ------ ----------------
repeat 2x             repeat 3x





-17br–15-13-15br p13----|-15br(15)p13----|-0-2-4-5-7b-|

----------------------15- -------------15- ------------
------------------------- ---------------- ------------
                          repeat 3x





–22bF r-|----22-20-19----20p19----19-20-19h20p19-------|

--------- -21----------22-------22----------------22-20-
--------- ----------------------------------------------
--------- ----------------------------------------------
--------- ----------------------------------------------

—0-2-2p0–2p0—0-2-4-5-7–7b-| end solo


I don’t have any lackeys, and I still have self worth. You just have to buy some cats or something. They’re pretty maliable. Or you could get one of those little pocket Pikachus.

god damn, how can I get fans at RPGClassics?


you could bribe a bunch of dumb people you know into posting on RPGC and pretending they really like you and think you’re cool. Then you would be.