Charlemagne gets drunk somtimes. he's allowed to.

I’m not drunk yet. I’lll tell you when I’m feeling it.

First of all, getting drunk and then posting about it on an internet forum isn’t cool. Second of all, getting drunk just to get drunk by yourself is not only not cool, but pathetic. Finally, I shall assume that you aren’t even getting drunk, or perhaps just getting drunk as a stunt. The vast majority of us are numb to your foolish games, and are used to the lackluster contributions you make to both this forum and your utterly boring style of humor.


Feel it yet Charle?

Not at all. This sucks. Anyway, whats up guys?

You gotta get drunk on alcohol to feel it.

don’t get too shitfaced. you don’t want to do something dumb, like, i don’t know, post some pictures of your ex on fourchan or something.

Yeah and uh, getting drunk and posting on the internet is for losers.

Go get some vodka and I’ll stop by and get drunk with you <3

My dander.