Charity turns down 17 thousand dollars in donations

Because the people donating it play Dungeons & Dragons.

At least they gave that money to another charity.

I’m sick of these Satanists donating money for the children. They think we don’t know their true aims? Hm?

D&D is the devil’s work? Who knew?

Specifically, Satan’s game.

WHAT THE FUCK?! Sanctimonious, moronic ingrates… I thought they were past that whole OMG D&D R TEH DEVUL!!!111oneoneoneeleven phase.

Nah man Im pretty sure they still think Satan wrote the Harry Potter books.

Jack T. Chick was right about these devils!

Heck, I know people who won’t let their children go trick-or-treating because they “refuse to celebrate a pagan holiday.” You should see their faces when I explain to them the pagan roots of CHRISTMAS…

Yeah, I’d have to say if anything, Halloween should have more Christian street cred than Easter, where they didn’t even bother to change the name from the pagan goddess it celebrated. It’s a harvest festival where you mourn dead saints.

We need more celebrations on Ascension Thursday.