Character Similarities

Which FF character do you identify yourself with?


Cecil. But with a bit of Shadow.

I’m kind of like Auron. Likes to get the job done and doesn’t really like putting up with the whiny annoying people.


Originally posted by Manus Dei
Cecil. But with a bit of Shadow.

Which Cecil? Dk, or Paladin?

Well, the Paladin. There was a time when I was overcome with hatred. I only found peace by reuniting myself with my gentle side. I’m not kidding. I was bitter and unforgiving. I despised myself and denied the existence of love. I was about to lose myself in rage. Only by remembering my faith and my good intentions was I able to heal my heart.

Squall. I’m exactly like Squall.

Quistis, I think. Not the whip part though :slight_smile:

I like to compare myself to Squall

Exactley like Zell with the spontanious personality, a lttle forget full sumtimes, and never knos when to shut up.:enguard:

I compare myself to Squall or Cloud . . . I rarely show or share my feelings with anyone, I answer a lot of statements with " . . . Whatever", I have a side totally opposite of my normal self only like two people know about, and to top it all off: I have these wierd freakish breakdowns sometimes; a phenomenon I like to call “two-twenty” (inside story).

I’m not really sure why this happens though, my last 2-20 was on Friday . . . Man, I need a therapist

I also identify with Cecil (paladin), and with Leo and Laguna.

Originally posted by Squall567
Exactley like Zell with the spontanious personality, a lttle forget full sumtimes, and never knos when to shut up.:enguard:

So, someone with the internet hndle of SQUALL feels like he resembeles ZELL the most?

I can relate to Sabin, Cecil(Paladin) and Tidus because I would do anything to acheive the correct way and I love the good side, because I am a good person (at least I think I am) like all those characters I mentioned.


Cecil and Laguna at times, as well. Maybe (hopefully!) a little Leo, but that’s more admiration that resemblence.

… the characterS i most resemble are cecil(DK) and squall. I am filled with anger, haterd and pain yet i will not let anyone know about it. the only one who does is this girl who keeps trying to make me happy and sometimes she does it

Squall. For most of the reasons said above. I didn’t realize I had so much in common with you folks. I have become more outspoken with my ‘negative’ feelings and emotions though. I’m basically a jerk with unhealing wounds and a temper with a short fuse. smiles and goes back to watching the powerpuff girls

ew power puff girls!? damn YOU have problems

LOL. Buttercup is my favorite… I especially liked that episode about the Beatles. Besides… it comes on after Kenshin and I’m too lazy to get up and change it. I also share some character traits with Cloud and Lulu.