Character Introductions

So, which character has the best introduction? This can be anything - but i guess movies and games work best.


Capt. Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Carribean - who can forget that sinkin’ ship?

Zell, from FF8. He did some back flips and stuff then gave a thumbs up.

The worst ones were probably in FF7, how everyone just knid of happened to be there and walk in.

Anime: Arucard, in Hellsing.
Gaming: Any MGS character, basically
Movies/Books: Too hard to choose.

I loved the way Snake was introduced in MGS3, especially with that mask on. I actually thought it was Raiden at the beginning, then when it showed his face, and he had green eyes. It didn’t make sense 'till he took the mask off.

The MGS and FF series do have some very stylish intros. I think you have to get an intro just right to nail the audince’s perception of the character. However, FFVII does have one good intro - The Weapons. The cut scene at the north crater was immense back then!!

I dislike the FF intro’s. However, I liked the Chrono Trigger intro’s of all the characters, 'specially if you have the anime sequences.

Nothing beats the Wild Arms games’ intros, where the three main characters get a full mini-adventure to introduce each, which you can play in any order before the actual start of the game.

Wild ARMs 3 has four, not three. :stuck_out_tongue:

Snake in MGS2. That was badass. Really.

Setz, Wil was talking about the original Wild Arms game. There are only three main characters in it.

Anyway, I have to agree with Wil, Wild Arms does have one of my favourite intros. As do Zell, and Auron.