Chappelle's Show

God I love Chappelle’s Show. He takes what every guy talks about in their free time, and has the balls to turn it into hilarious skits. My mom thinks he only makes fun of white people, but he makes fun of all stereo-types. How many of you watch Chappelle’s Show as well?

I <i>love</i> chappelle’s show.

The slave reparations skit is fucking hilarious.


Chappelle’s show is fucking awesome!

When keepin it real goes wrong and if the internet was a real place were awesome
spam busters bitch :hahaha;

I still say the Black Klansman is his best bit.

I forgot black galager bitch

Chapelle’s Show is pretty damn funny. My favorite skit thus far is the “Niggar Family” skit (The 2nd Season’s answer to the Clayton Bigsby skit).

Not a big fan of the show myself, but I saw that skit and loved it. :smiley:

We cannot forget the great Rick James skits, or Lil Jon, which have turned all of my what, yeah, and ok’s into Lil Jon’s yells.

I don’t really think the show is that funny. Everytime I watch it I don’t really laugh. It’s not that the skits are lame, it’s just that they aren’t all that funny :\

i like the skit chappelle di with wayne brady. :moogle:

Yeah, those are great. The Niggar’s is also pretty cool. I also like the one where he thinks he’s white (it might be the black klansman) and goes aroudn speaking pro-white stuff and goes to the white supremcay meeting and ends up divorcing his wife because “she’s a nigger lover.” That last line cracks me up the most.

That’d be the klans man. I love the one where he plays the first black man to take a dump on a white toliet. Then they are in the court and the judge is like “no matter what the color of your skin is, your poo will always be brown, or clay colored, or of course, the spinage green”.

another good one: ribs the sleep aid
ooh hickory

the great thing about Chappelle show is that he is equaly racist twoard everyone

Epic, you’re supposed to wait till someone says the line, then post that link.

I didn’t want to give them the chance.

SK already said some of the lines.

I like when him and Joe Rogan from Fear Factor go around telling people that they have “great New York boobs.”