Chaos Legion

Has anyone played this? I’ve played the demo and it kicks ass, it’s like a cross between Devil May Cry and Dynasty Warriors, plus you can look totally kickass when unleashing a 542 hit combo on your enemies (with the help of your legions :slight_smile: ).

Yes, I did. It’s OK, but I imagine doing the same thing room after room woud get dull pretty fast. I preferred Fire Warrior myself.

If you got the same demo as I did, then the ZOE2 one pwned all the other ones. All of them. Those cutscenes were sheer class.

I haven’t played it, but the screenshots I’ve seen of it look awesome. I’ll give the demo a try when I find some time to get it.

ZOE2 was awesome, but my in my opinion it goes:

  1. Soul Calibur 2

  2. ZOE 2

  3. Fire Warrior.

4: Chaos Legion

5: Freedom Fighters.

Meh, anyhoo it’s the best demo disc ever. Pierson here’s a tip, the sword legions are way better than the Crossbow legions, and if you want to get a 150+ hit keep pressing triangle, this’ll make legions do their special attacks.

It did seem like a one-trick pony to me though. Admittadly that one trick is hella cool. :mwahaha: I’d probably rent it and sped a few days kicking the shit out of it all before sending it back.

Put Soul Caliber 2 between Fire Warrior and Freedom Fighters, bump the rest up, and my list is the same as yours. I just like space-opera shootiness. And sh*toads of lasers.

Oh, would that OPS2 do such a demo disc every month! sighs

Brian Blessed does a Fire Warrior voiceover! “Space Marines, DIIIIIIIIVE!”