Channel Awesome just got... Awesomer?

So, I have no idea how many people here are familiar with or are fans of That Guy With the Glasses, or as the umbrella name it and all of its associate sites fall under, Channel Awesome. A comedy review site centered mainly around the Nostalgia Critic, the eponymous “guy with the glasses”, it is approaching it’s second year anniversary. So how do they decide to celebrate their continued success and popularity?

They invade a country.

THis… I’m really not sure what to say about this. Even given the not-very-serious nature of micronations, the fact they convinced the guy in charge of this apparently real place to let them stage a coup for their site is pretty impressive to me. How many other internet celebrities can you name who invaded a country and got away with it?

I am awestruck. It’s so amazing that they made all this happen.

The first part is out.

So far, it is shaping up to be something truly awesome. Hopefully the site shuts down in the next year, because there’s no way they can possibly top this.

Invade a real country? Or Canada?

So, now that Kickassia is over and we’ve seen the preliminary supplemental videos, I have to say I’m really happy with what they did. It really feels like they managed to film an entire motion picture. The fact they managed it in four days is just a testament to their skill, dedication, and utter insanity. I really can’t picture them topping this in terms of scale, either.

Also, totally bought premium membership to the site because I’m a sucker for any commentaries they might be pumping out for this.

VE: Spoony has a free commentary on his website. Check it out if you like him.

It’s a good commentary, but it’s from a participant’s angle rather than the organizer’s. And what I want to know most of all is who the hell came up with this idea and how did they get Molossia to agree to it? he has an idea but admits he doesn’t know for sure.

Unfortunately, my PC is still soundless so I can’t watch it. :bowser: Of course I will as soon as I’m able.

The whole crew at The Guy With The Glasses site is tremendously talented and have done amazing stuff with the resources they have- this is just more proof of it. Hell, this is better than many TV shows I’ve seen! Nobody less than movie critic Roger Ebert said that the homage Nostalgia Critic made for “Siskel and Ebert” was the best he’d ever seen. Seriously, this is one of the few sites I’ve seen that prove the Net isn’t just for porn or bitching fans- it CAN be a worthy new media, giving people who never had the chance to show their talent to the world.