Changing IP Addresses

…I’ve heard that you can somehow do this with some sort of program? How? Can you? Where do I download it?

You’re wanting to try and cheat in the GameFAQs contest aren’t you?

That’s exactly it, I must be a good little fangirl

CT > Zelda, woo! CT vs FF7 is a tough choice though. FF7 has too good a lead to lose methinks.

You can win these GameFAQs contests without having to cheat. All you have to do is vote for anything involving Final Fantasy VII. <_<

I gave up on those polls actually having good games/characters ever since Link beat Crono a couple years back…

I was kidding anyways. The only time I voted on that thingy was last year when I was looking up some walkthrus.

I thought IP addresses were controlled by your ISP? I know I tried to do the same thing (For a DIFFERENT reason :P) and it didn’t work. Are you on Cable? What I did was;

Uninstall drivers, modem, basically everything to do with the internet from your PC.

Reinstall it all.

That’ll get you a new IP maybe. Worked for me. Of course, if how your internet works if different from mine, my information is USELESS. ;_;

Well no, apparently there’s just something that you do and it changes…

Yea, you call your ISP. It’s a service they can only provide, and it costs money. And im pretty sure that you dont get a “new” IP, persay, you just get a secondary one you can use, which, for all intents and purposes, is fine.

Why do you want a new one anyway?

So the FBI can’t track her real IP when she’s downloading [strike]nuclear testing procedures[/strike] child pr0n.

…Wait, the second was worse, wasn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Why do you want a new one anyway?

sore wa himitsu desu!

EDIT: yes Pierson, call me Chester the Molester -_-;;

For 56K and DSL connections, disconnecting from the ISP and conecting to it again should give you a new IP.

For radio & cable, you have to contact your ISP and ask.

dont that just beat all (oh my dignity…)

EDIT: Funny smart ass! shakes fist And just because Im a stubburn little bitch, Im leaving it there.

I hope Chrono Trigger wins. I’d spoof my IP to vote for it if I could.

Now cuz everyone’s been mentioning it, I should go over there and vote, huh


CT is getting trampled. ;.;

You can’t.
IP Addresses are controlled by the ISPs.


Well anyways, my vote went for CT.

You can do it fairly easily through the command prompt, I think you have to get to the ipconfig then refresh your IP or something, been a while since I’ve done it. Frankly I doubt you are trying to change your ip for something as stupid as the game faqs contest, and if you are trying to evade cops or something, your isp can trace your IP movement, and if it’s the most likelt senario wich would be some script kiddy threatening to hack you because he knows your IP, 98% chance of moron that thinks he is better than he really is and nothing will happen.