Changes to WoW?

Can anyone tell me the changes to WoW since, say, Feburary?

I heard a big nerfs on shamans, and their frost shock (yay!), I heard the introduction of the Honor system (Wich only made thing worst, what my cousin said), and I was thinking of battlegrounds that just got implented. I heard about the Nordrassil world implented.

What about mages? Is there any set of armor thats worthwhile? Any big changes in the mechanic? SP regen?

All snares/roots have diminishing returns. The honor system hasn’t made anything worse, maybe it’s worse for the PVE guys who play on PVP servers, but it definitely hasn’t made anything worse for the PVP folk.

No idea what you’re talking about with Nordassil. There’s a new dungeon called Dire Maul which is pretty cool, it’s like SM in that it has seperate instance zones.

Mage Sets: Magisters (They added a lot more stam), Arcanist, Netherwind

I’m not sure what they are going to do, but they are changing how spirit works somehow.

I’m not sure what they are going to do, but they are changing how spirit works somehow.

Really? Awesome! When the SP Regen patch came to RO, the game got a whole lot better for every classes. I hope something similar will come to WoW

Just conjure water a lot, sheesh <_<

Blizzard has stated releasing Nordassil in a future expansion pack/patch.

The biggest changes are the honor system (slightly more ganking, which I suppose doesn’t matter if you’re at level 60 but it basically penalizes anyone below level 60 who is trying to do quests), new instances but new instances tend to all be level 50+ so it’s not like you’d notice they were new if you weren’t level 50+ before, I guess they added new level 60 equipment but once again you’d only notice if you were level 60. Battlegrounds would be a bigger change than anything else they’ve done so far…they’re in public testing currently. Oh, a pirate drops a treasure chest in the ffa arena in stranglethorn every 3 hours, when they added that it pretty much just made the arena really dangerous around those times as groups of level 60 guys would come to claim their chest of level 40 items. I don’t know if that’s stopped yet, stranglethorn was always crawling with level 60 guys anyway. New crafting recipes added, blah blah blah.

Vorpy loves the changes

This change is very important:

I stopped playing paladin at level 54. Now I’m playing rogue. And rogues fucking pwn.

I love and hate how they putted more guards in Booty Bay, along with giving them guns. It both kills an awesome arena where to fight (3D SSB:M anyone? :D), but it solved the constant rooftop sniping and the ganking. Now I just taunt the horde and put ice block.

And I’m loving frost mage more and more. Constant DPS rather than burst, snares, roots, and crowd control is closer to my idea of a mage than the arcane/fire nukebot line. I’m currently raising my crit rate to 50%, and my crit damage to 100%. The shields allow me to kill hunters, druids, warlocks and shamans in a war of attrition. Combined with first aid and my alch pots. /slur

Aw dude, they stopped roofcamping a while back. Or rather, made it an offense that goes against terms of use. If people are caught doing it, they get warned the first time. And after that I think you get banned for 3 days.

Kinda sucks cause without roofcamping, I dont really want to play my hunter any more.