Champions Online (Super Hero MMO)

although many of you may already know this (specifically Wilfredo) but Cryptic is bringing out a new Cape and Cowl focused MMO called Champions Online, which is based on the champions universe. this is the result of Microsoft’s cancelation of Marvel Universe Online (they couldn’t keep up with the MMO market, and they disagreed a little with marvel, so they bailed)

having a read of the wiki article, the official website and watching the trailers on youtube, it’s looking alot like its PC counter part, City of Heroes/Villains. the difference is the fact that the map is more global (there’s a bit on the moon too, appearently) and there are now facial expressions. the character creation system it also more indepth, there seems to be a larger amount of powers to choose from and there’s a PVP map in it too.

the game is both for XBox 360 and PC, which could make it the second game in history to be cross platform (after Shadowrun)

what worries me is that City of Heroes had a click based attack system. you had a tray of powers which you clicked and activated, and there was no auto attack system. the reason why it worries me specifically is because it becomes a double edged sword. not only will the controls for XBox become too fiddley, but, if cryptic realise this, they might make it a PC exclusive, and it would only work for Vista, so I wouldn’t be able to play it.

however, I thoroughly enjoyed City of Heroes, and if they can prevent the XBox controls from being fiddley, then I would be prepared to buy the game.

it comes out some time in 2009, and looks awesome.

here’s the link for the trailer, and the one below it is the website

I was a big Champions fan- back in the 80s, during the game’s fourth edition. During the 90s they “updated” it to be more like, well, 90’s comics, and I didn’t like the change. Specifically, I loved the superhero universe they had come up with -it was every bit as interesting and complex as Marvel or DC’s, and that’s something you rarely see- and the fact they started it over annoyed me. I didn’t care much for the new rules, either. So I dropped it, though I’ve checked the game’s site occasionally.

I’m not really into MMORPGs, either- I like my adventures with definite endings. Besides, I have too many expenses already, and this stupid computer couldn’t even handle “Angels Online” without freezing. So I guess I’m out. Too bad, it would’ve been cool to adventure with you guys, and interact with some of the Champions characters, if only occasionally. Ah well, if it does well enough, maybe it’ll come out for Playstation 2 as well.


well, I can only say you’d be missing out. it has a system which allows you to make your own Archenemy (Something the community of CoH had been asking for for years), the powers, costume and everything else are able to be customised down to a pin (you want green fire? you got green fire!) and so many other features which puts it far above any other superhero game in its class (Freedom Force was ok, no where near as good looking as this)

I expect there would be a prominent roleplay community, as it was in CoH. a european server would make a point about meeting at a statue to do incharacter conversations every night at 9:00 onwards

ah well. if you do get the game, let me know. I’ll be getting the 360 version (never really been a fan of PC gaming).

Looking like CoH 2.0: this time with content. Which is nothing but a good thing.

There’s also no way in hell this will come out for the PS2.

No other MMOG offers players the chance to explore such diverse realms — from the shining skyscrapers of Millennium City and the frozen wastes of Canada

The frozen wastes of Canada? WTF. If that is the extent of geographical knowledge of the people creating this game, it is defiantly not on my list of MMOS to even look at.


it might be the result of a villain’s actions. afterall, Detroit was destoryed and rebuilt in this game world, but you do have a point, it does seem rather… silly.

ahwell, I’m still gonna get it, if the beta presents potential :slight_smile:

True I guess, but still… unlike CoH/V, the screenies I’ve seen don’t exactly lean towards super sexy super heroes… which was a huge draw to CoH/V. Seems like a lax second really. =\ If it turns out not to be, you are charged with telling the world. >:|


well, the game does boast a more indepth character creation system than CoH. even walking styles are taken into account. But the game is cel shaded, but I dont mind that.

I’ll make sure to inform you guys on what happens character design wise, or more likely, entire game wise. so far, it’s just people asking questions on the game, like what the Archetypes will be like and the such. I’ve joined the forums so I’ll get a question in :slight_smile:

I’ve been keeping my eye on it. I hope they can live up to all their promises, but from what I’ve heard, the staff of CoH made lots of pre-release promises they couldn’t live up to either. Here’s hoping.

It’s the personal archvillain system that really has my interest. I could make a SpoonyBard avatar like I did in CoH, but this time have him encountering Ego at every turn. Neat!

Nice, can’t wait to see it.

I’ll probably make the same guy I had in CoH, except with a costume that didn’t hurt people’s eyes. (I was a roleplayer, and my cold, emotionless guy had a bright costume… it didn’t fit :stuck_out_tongue: )

Okay, that might actually draw my attention (read: cause me to play a mommorpoguh for twenty minutes instead of fifteen).