Challenge to SweetCookiePie

Personally, I like CC and all, but her poems aren’t THAT good. In fact, I actually agree with Sorc on this; they’re “angsty crap”. However, SCP’s comments clearly got out of hand. But doing stuff like this is only going to make things worse.

Don’t challenge anyone else, okay?

Funny, noone’s reading into this enough either.

SCP is free to her opinions. I’m nto saying she needs details, or to back it up, though it would have been nice… and the other comments weren’t too much help either. And I do believe most people started over the line. But this is what I protested to. And it wasn’t directed at CC, I believe, it was directed at Sephiroth Hayes:

It’s corny and stupid, you have no talent at writing or at anything else for that matter, the whole word would be a better place if you just threw yourself off a cliff. And I’m not the one who’s seemingly obsessed with a man who has a giant penis-compensating halberd.

If she can critique a person like that, on teh basis of a POEM, then I feel I can reasonably expect her to show something of hers.

I’m not asking for Edgar Allen Poe. I’m asking her to stand up to this challenge.

As such, I stand by it. And I’m waiting.

hey, if you could just tell me how to make it better instead of telling me it was crap, that would’ve been best, ya’ know… shruges oh well, now I know I still need work :slight_smile: Thank you.

do what you wish as I said before, if you insult me about my writing I won’t take it to mind, if you tell me how to make it better, I will listen. Thank you have a nice day :slight_smile:

If you aren’t saying she needs to back it up (which you CLEARLY are, by making this thread, and then saying so later on in your post), then what are you doing making something like this?


Hmmm fair enough.

I’m not asking her to back up her opinions. But what I’d like to see is for her to put up her work.If I missed it, then that’s my fault. But I want to see.

I’m glad that you guys got out of the bashing period. SCP won’t be able to take up the challenge for a couple of days.

And well, about constructive critisism. It’s a fact that I comment on as good as every thing written here, but those who keep a good track of the board probably notice that all I’m ever saying is “nice descriptions, keep up the good work” and similar. This is not because I don’t read, it’s because there’s so much that I need to read and comment on, not only on this board but in the mail too, that I can’t delve as deeply into each individual thing as I’d like to. Beta reading is something I normally only do on request.

Err guys, SCP told ME to kill myself. EDIT: Woops, I need to read the whole thread… I honestly don’t know what her problem with me was, all I did was defend Chrissy…

CC can probably defend herself without 8 other people backing her up. And people saying the whole situation (including the one with Orak) was none of SCP’s business should go eat their words when they’re guilty of the same mistake. The poem was public, I do believe and Manus and the rest of the entourage who commanded for certain people to mind their own business, should do the same then, as they jumped into the arguement.:ah-ha!: (See? I just butted in again…that’s how fast an arguement snowballs:P)

I am also in agreement…I’d like to see some of this chick’s (? or guy’s?) work though I bet she’ll (??he’ll?) come back with something like “Who said I was any better?” Oh well. I don’t normally read any of CC’s poems after that one (random poems aren’t my thing…) but the comment " angsty filth" was totally unecessary without saying anything else. Some people are too light and fluffy with the whole “OMG I loved it it’s so great!” comments, but even then to call something like that filth well…meh. Oh well yeah just my opinion. Looking forward to SCR’s work.

Oh I know she can defend herself, but you see as a writer and friend of Chrissy I can’t stand there ans watch people like SCP badmouth her works.

Too fucking bad man. People are gonna criticize no matter what. If someone badmouthed one of Manus’ or Sorc’s or someone you didn’t like, their work, then would you be jumping on them? You can’t just jump on someone because they badmouth someone’s work, and then not jump on someone else for the same thing just because you don’t like the person.

Steve, I’ve never encountered SCP before now. And depending on what you said, then if it was bad enough fuck yeah, I’d be just the same. But you see CC is my FRIEND. That’s reason enough.

Yeah, so that makes it any different than him saying the same thing to someone you ABSOLUTELY despise?
Edit: What I’m getting at here is, it’s bullshit that just because you like a person, doesn’t mean that you can be blind to the fact that her work just may SUCK ASS. I read it, and that’s what I think about it. It’s not because she made it, it’s because I can’t stand angsty crap. I’ve written it before, I know how she’s feeling, so don’t say some bullshit like ‘oh you don’t know how she feels, you should be nice’ I’ve been there.

Edit2: And another thing. Just because he told her to commit suicide, you’re all over him? I’m going back on what I said earlier because I put some thought into it this time.
“Oh my god, he told her she should kill herself, let’s fucking crucify him because he thinks another human should end it.”
Big fucking deal. He told her to commit suicide. I remember not too long ago a thread about someone saying online they were going to commit suicide. I don’t know if any of you were the ones who said it, but I sure as hell know plenty of you said “Just tell them to do it. If they’re even serious, they wouldn’t be online.” Isn’t that the same goddamn thing? Did anyone else jump on them for telling that person to commit suicide? Now even though CC didn’t say she was going to do it. The way she wrote, angst usually entails hating the world/yourself/a lot of shit. So I don’t think SCP was way off base when telling her that.

Jumping down someone’s throat because they insulted your friend (even though you have nothing to do with the situation) is called…ganging up?

I’ll use an example.Manus:yipee: We’re not overly buddy-buddy but I still like him but I don’t back him up and yell at everyone who gets mad at him. I could care less. Same with CC, she’s nice to everyone and all but to jump in on the sole fact to protect a friend…aww come on:get it?: People are gonna get scorned and rejected when they post personal stuff like that. Tough cookies.

Steve he told ME to commit suicide.

Ah well then, I was wrong on that part of it. But does it really make a difference?
Wow, he told you to commit suicide. Holy shit, the world is ending because someone told someone else to throw themself off of a cliff.
This thing’s getting blown way out of proportion. All SCP was doing was, however shitty, defending himself from a bunch of rabid CC fans who got pissed off that someone didn’t like one of her works.

Steve, I don’t give a fuck about what (s)he/it said, the only thing that slightly offended me was (s)/he/it’s summarisation of my talent. And fuck man, you can be a bunch of anal holes but I’ll stick to standing up for my friends no matter how many fuckers it offends thank you very much. Oh yeah you want to talk about being a rabid fan? Pull your head out of SCP’s ass first.

Oh yeah, I’m a huge SCP fan, especially since he thinks I’M A FUCKING IDIOT. I hate the guy, I’m just defending him from you guys because no one else seems to want to. Who gives a shit if he criticized someone’s work. What the hell do you think you’re gonna get if you post something someone else just may not like? Get fucking used to people not liking your stuff. I have.
God that’s funny… me being a fan of some new guy I never talk to…

There is a way of criticising someone without being a COMPLETE FUCKSTICK. But hell, who the fuck cares? Oh wait, people who aren’t dicks care. So you obviously don’t.

Yeah, I think we’re getting into flaming territory here. I don’t think you wanna start something, because I sure as fuck don’t. Once you start getting personal, this starts turning into bullshit.
Sure, you can critisize without being a “COMPLETE FUCKSTICK”, but why be nice about it when no one listens to SHIT unless it’s flung into their fucking face.

People without shit in ther ears listen. People who are here to be helpful listen. But people like SCP are hear to give fucked up opinions about stuff which they don’t even give a shit about. SCP could have been a lot nicer with his comments. But you just don’t fucking see that do you retard?