Challenge the world

Ok say I got the idea from “The Last Arena” thread in the RolePlaying section, I dont know if this has been done before but I couldn’t find it so I’m swinging for the fences here.

I want people to come on here and present a Challenge for a specific game.

Then see if anyone can beat it (whether or not with proof , we are using the honor system here) feel free to use youtube videos.

I’ve even got one to get the ball rolling.

Defeat the last boss in Legend of Dragoon before he uses the Dragon Block Staff ability or summons his little helpers.

Bonus props for not turning into a Dragoon the entire fight.:enguard:

You might get better results with a game that people care about. :stuck_out_tongue: Not trying to be a dick, but most people I know who have played Legend of Dragoon really like it.

Hah ok… Even more bonus props if you can do it and not like it…:hahaha;

If you don’t wanna do a Legend of Dragoon one than try this one out.

Solo the last boss in FFIV with Cecil :enguard:

Also feel freee to post your own challenges cause I want to try them out too.

I can’t think of any specific game that could have some good challenges right now. All the games I’ve played lately aren’t exactly suited for constructing challenges. Well, except Civilization IV, but that game already has it’s own built-in challenges. (Single City Challenge. Permanent War/Peace. Raging Barbarians.
Okay, so that last one is not really a challenge, it’s more of: “Restart until you start with stone. Build the great wall. Watch all others get smashed to bits by barbarians who can no longer attack you.”)

I’d say X-Com, but then you’d have to go with something impossible like “Don’t lose any soldiers” or something.
“Don’t lose any soldiers” in a game where some missions can start with you telling a soldier to step outside the landing craft and they get shot by a Heavy Plasma and die.
That’s literally the first thing that happens. On the [strike]easiest[/strike] least hard difficulty. There is no such thing as “easy” in that game.

Hmm. A bit of an obscure game, but… Dominions 3.
Win a game against the maximum number of opponents at highest difficulty. Not actually as hard as it sounds, depending on which team and era you choose.
Bonus for playing as one of the “hard teams”, Caelum in particular. Late Era R’lyeh also counts, since most of your commanders (not to mention your troops) will be insane by the end of the game.
Even bigger bonus if you play it with a “last man standing” victory instead of Standard Victory. (Victory by Provinces. Set number of provinces to the total number of provinces on the map.) This is, again, not actually HARD if you play with one of the overpowered teams (I’m looking at you Early Pangaea), but it will probably take more time than any sane person would want to spend on a single match.

A less obscure one. Mount & Blade.
Conquer an entire kingdom. Bonus if you don’t start by first building up your army working for one of the kingdoms.
Or, if you want to go even bigger. Conquer the world!

…Although I’m not sure that’s even possible. Most likely you’ll run into one of three different obstacles to your world domination plans.

  1. You get your ass kicked from spreading your troops too thin.
  2. Your troops desert you because you can’t afford to have all those troops defending your castles, which leads to #1.
  3. Your economy will collapse unless you spend all availible time collecting taxes. So if you try to capture a castle, you’ll lose at least one day’s worth of income. Which leads to #2.
    But hey, you said you wanted a challenge. :stuck_out_tongue:

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