What’s the rent on your sig?

It depends on what you want to put in…

If it’s a 800 KB anime pic the cost is going to run rather high.
If it’s a sonnet dedicated to how much I rule then I’ll let it in for free.

I also accept alternate payments, revealing photos from female members, doing shrine work for me, giving me a mod to have under my thumb.

Basically, make me an offer, both in payment and sig.

No price chart? What about S/H?

Can I give you revealing photos of me? D:

I think we’d rather check your chromosomes to verify your gender.

That’s a good thing.

What about a revealing pic of your chromosomes? :mwahaha:

Originally posted by Sinistral
No price chart? What about S/H?

I can’t for two reasons

  1. Each sig is unique and requires a different price
  2. I don’t know what S/H means

All cash payments will be donated to RPGC, and should be delivered through paypal.

Shipping and handling.

Hmm…Trillian’s round naked bouncy chromosomes… I really want to see them get pulled around by those microtubules. Oh yeah, right at those kinetochores. That’s right baby, spread that wet, goopy cytoplasm, we like that cleft around that actin contractile ring. mmmmmmm

I’ll buy it for 2 rupals!

The space or trillian’s chromosomes?

Focus Sin

Focus Sin? More like FOC U SIN! >.> <.<

Anyway, you said something about a mod under your thumb? Well, what if I hand you Kagon? You have a mod AND a meal.

I don’t know if CH wants to eat Kagon. How do you know how nutritious Kagon is, 984?

Originally posted by Sinistral
The space or trillian’s chromosomes?

I meant the space, but trillian’s chronosomes are mighty tempting. I may just go up to 3 rupals for that.

Gee, thanks. =P

Originally posted by Sinistral
I don’t know if CH wants to eat Kagon. How do you know how nutritious Kagon is, 984?

You obviously missed out on the majority of 2003, Sin.

As for Kagon being nutritious, well, I guess he might taste good. Food doesn’t always have to be nutritious to eat.

Originally posted by Trillian
Gee, thanks. =P

Me or Infonick?

984: touche

This brings back bad memories of the first time I got to Solaris in Xenogears. Being at that time ‘Soylent’ wasn’t really in my dictionary…