Oh yeah, that’s right. And yes, indecisive I am, but even I can’t be indecisive when I hardly have any other cereal. Everything from Kelloggs is good, though. 'cept Coco Pops. I dunno, I like the taste, but I just can’t eat a lot of those without getting incredibly sick.

My favorite cereal is probably Maple Shreddies, but I can’t find them anymore. =( So now I usually eat Apple Cinnamon Cheerios. I also like Frosted Flakes and Rice Krispies a lot.

Breakfest?! There’s a suh thing as breakfest?!! sorry, I don’t eat breakfest… never have time too.

But, my mom does buy cereal… eat it afternoon, evening and before bed. I like corn puffs… but Captin crunch is better. :slight_smile: I also like golden grams.

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Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Golden Ghrams.
Discussion closed. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with ninenty-five percent of you folks. Captain Crunch is the BEST cereal in existance!

We don’t have many interesting kinds here… My host mother in Canada was in day care, though, so I’ve seen the oddest and most colorful kinds of cereal ever. o_O Sweet enough to kill, but oh so yummy… Probably had that Captain Crunch stuff, too, but I don’t remember. We don’t have it here, anyway, I think…

I eat…whatever cereal I have in my house at the time. It’s all good to me.

And since I just woke up, this thread has made me want to eat cereal. =P

Yeah, I usually eat whatever’s there, but I think Cap’n Crunch is the best! What about you guys?

Fruity Pebbles. … What??

I’m Coco for Cuckoo Puffs! No, wait.


Whatever I can find whenever I get a chance.


Oh yeah, I forgot about Fruity Pebbles!

Those Cheerios with strawberries in them. The strawberries actually taste like strawberries!! Isn’t cereal great!

Peanut Butter Crunch r0x0rz j0 b0x0rz. Other than that, I usually eat any cereal with berries in it, and Banana Nut Crunch.


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Personally, my favorite cereal is Captain Crunch. It’s just sooooo good! It’s got a great taste too it. Mm…captain crunch.

Captain Crunch… ew.

I will not eat Captain Crunch unless I have ABOSLUTELY nothing else.

I like Grape Nuts, Raisin Brain, Corn Flakes and Frosted Flakes (Frosties to you Euros).

So much sugar… I don’t like sweet cereal. =P

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Fruity Pebbles
Best. Cereal. Ever. Although you can go through an entire box in like 2 days, which is kinda annoying :stuck_out_tongue:

Try Grape Nuts.

I eat two bowls of cereal for breakfast. Almost always.

You don’t fill a bowl full of Grape Nuts.

Capn Crunch pwnz j00.

Grapenuts are good hot. See, this is what you do, get some grapenuts, pour some honey into it, and toss it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

That shit is good.

I keep it cold really… but yeah is good warm. I’ll stick with milk though. laughs