Centrifugue force assisted birth

It rolls and rolls and rolls and rolls and rolls and rolls… :dancer:

For those too lazy to read the whole text in the link: this is actually a patented invention that has won an Ig Nobel prize. I found it at the Annals of improbable Research, at www.improbable.com.

This device consists of a very big rectangular plate mounted on a structure that connects it to a motor near one of its ends. The motor is to make the plate rotate around an axis perpendicular to the the body of the woman who’s about to deliver. The pregant woman is placed on the table, with hear head close to the end that connects to the motor for more comfort during the machine’s operation.

A pocked-shaped net is tied to the woman’s thighs in such a way that the baby will be caught by it when he or she is born.

It’s amusing that the couple who came up with this suggest the device being mounted in such a way that it could give a helping force of 8 G’s. This is approximately what astronauts face in a space bus launch. The speed of the motor is adjustable though, and the angle of the table relative to the motor can be ajudsted also to lower G force even more.

Now, imagine a father seeing his kids being born on such a table…

That thing is the coolest machine I’ve seen in a long time. Its hilarious!


You know in some countries, they use the amazing force of gravity by standing up. -.-;

Lol. I thought the same thing.