Cell Phone Games

I am going to get a new cell phone. Any suggestions on what cell phones can play the best games? Even just a description of what cell phone you have and what games it plays would be appreciated.

You shouldn’t buy a cell phone based solely on the games it can play, you should go for a portable videogame system instead. Now, if it isn’t just about gaming, just get something with the most recent versions of CLDC and MIDP. If you like Motorola phones, the RAZR series is good on that, specially the V8 and V9. If they haven’t hit the stores yet, they will pretty soon (I need an updat on what’s being sold these days).

I played that Dirge of Cerberus Cell Phone game and it was alright to say the least. I’ve never played Dirge of Cerberus so I didn’t really get it.