I believe this is the second time in less than a week that the KFC shenanigans have been mentioned. facepalms

I don’t understand the compulsion to do this. What makes being celibate so important to you?

Do what you wanna do.
I mean, people have been saying it’s unhealthy, but fuck that, so is breathing in most places, anymore. I mean, damn, you’re going to die anyway. Do what you want and don’t worry about shit like that or whether it is “morally uprising” to do something.
On that note, I would not take any such vow. I figure if I keep having sex, I’ll eventually end up doing it in a KFC bathroom, and then will win the intertron back from Setz!

My question is why you’re asking for moral opinion of people that you hardly know (3 posts) on a matter that you obviously consider important. This is the secular community at it’s [STRIKE]worst[/STRIKE] best, so take the lesson I learned from these guys so long ago - reflect on it yourself, ignore most of what is said in about this here, and despite that no matter what we say, it should have little to no influence on you or your moral values anyway. Ignore the corniness but, you already have your answer if you are going to ask the question.

If you’re highly religious, then celibacy is for you.

Wait, wait wait, stop the presses. This thread is this guys first post on this messageboard. WTF KIND OF “HEY I’M NEW” THREAD IS THIS"!? EATS YOUR CELIBATE FUCKING FACE OFF!

That beats the point about asking. In my experience, you ask, take into account the answers and decide you were right all along.

edit: by the way, in the Orthodox church, priests can be married.

Nietzsche lost his virginity at the age of 14, apparently, to his nurse. He also died of syphilis. And worshipped Dionysus. He was no celibate. (Also, Xwing, your account of his relationship with Miss Salome isn’t entirely accurate. Also… assuming your assessment is true, I and probably many others would trade a lifetime of celibacy for the chance to have the impact of Nietzsche’s eternal memory, influence, and majesty.

However, it stands that celibacy is a quality of a number of giants. Tolstoy, Newton, Freud, Morrissey. To deny sex seems to be the ultimate statement of willpower. A rebellion against nature. Celibacy is the ultimate psychout for your rivals.

But worth it? Probably not. One would not receive a complete… or even… good picture of existence without carnal relations.

I always heard that Nietszche was a closeted gay - that he would go on these mysterious trips to Italy with a bunch of men, and come back totally relaxed and write a brilliant novel etc.

As for the Church, IMO their celibacy clause is why they attract so many child molesters :confused:

I read somewhere there may in fact be some real asexuals alive. If that’s you, no problem. But when I hear about someone who claims to not need or want sex, my first inclination is to believe that they’re a repressed homosexual not able to come terms with it. If you’re doing it for moral or religious reasons, that’s plain blonkers.

EDIT: Freud wasn’t celibate. In fact, him being a cokehead kinda made him the opposite of celibate. Tolstoy was also a horndog, but would go through periods where he’d be disgusted with himself and pretend that he was going to be celibate. I doubt it ever got farther than pretending; he had like 10 kids or something.

Morrissey isn’t celibate, either, he just has sex in a different way than most people. Much like the fictitious Ziggy Stardust, Morrissey makes love to his own ego. And his ego is huge. He listens to “Whole Lotta Rosie” by AC/DC to get in egofucking mood. He’s on top when he fucks his ego, elsewise it would crush him. If he gets his ego pregnant, the baby would be born a month old, since it’d take it so long to crawl out. A sex-tape of Morrissey fucking his ego was released, and it was mistaken for nature footage of when a little bird lands on a rhino’s back. Morrissey doesn’t let his ego give him love bits during sex, or it would fucking bisect him with a nibble. Morrissey and his ego use a 747 for a vibrator if they wanna get kinky, and have to slay a legendary Roc or Garuda if they wanna use a feather. Morrissey almost got in a fight with some teenagers for trying to get with his ego, until they explained they’d mistaken its vagina for Carlsbad Caverns. Morrissey hopes not to outlive his ego, both for love of it, and for the fear that when his ego dies, like a supermassive star, it will turn into a black hole and he will be blamed for the end of the world. When Morrissey and his ego had a fight, the cold shoulder she gave him created Antarctica.

Freud actually was celibate for the final third of his life or so. I have no problem believing the Moz was actually celibate for some periods, assuming he wasn’t doing Marr in the 80s.

The celibacy practiced by many religious sects is probably the best example though. There was a time when priests could be depicted as virile and manly in popular culture. I would not be so quick to disbelieve the reality of true celibacy existing in the world. Much slower to say that those who may be are repressed homosexuals. However, a homosexual nature might give one a better reason and excuse for celibacy. Or, that is to say, a chance to pause and consider it.

Arac, I love you. In a non celibate way and all.

Leave dead peoples’ sex lives alone and concentrate on the living. <_<

Let it be known, brother, that if you decide to follow the celibate way you’re doing something for the benefit of your lay brothers. Because you’re one less male competing for the females in your area.

Also, you’re out of the gene pool, but that’s a given.

If you don’t use it you’ll lose it. And if you refuse to use it, just go to a doctor and get breast implants and a inverted weiner. Cuz you’re no man as it is. Also this guy is not going to read this. I’m cranky. Somone get me my juice box!

A Darwin Lifetime Achievement Award should be given out to anyone who goes cold turkey for life, although it wouldn’t count if the person in question already had an offspring.

You know something about Arac I don’t?

man, that drink is awful.

Being celibate really isn’t reccomended unless you’re just using as an excuse for not getting laid. Why do you think priests get reduced to touching little boys for sexual gratification. Sex is teh healtheh.

The one thing Michael Graves and I agree on is disagreeing with you on that, baby.

Depending on why you think you need to do it, I think its a good thing. Don’t be discouraged at what other people tell you, epecially when the mainstream tells us the glory of sex. Now yes it is addicting, and I do do certain sexual things by myself that aren’t great, so I know how addicting sex can be, and how greater it can be with two people.

But if you feel this is the path you should take, I say good for you. I hope you follow this path, if it is for the right reason and brings you happiness. Sex is not the everything of human life.

No need to insult him. Just because you like it, does not mean 100% of the planet has to accept sex for sex’s sake.

Well, I sure am glad I read this post.

Nobody is saying that sex is everything and glorious. Going celibate for no real reason, as a teenager, is just retarded and likely to end in tears. Especially when it’s religiously motivated because of the huge guilt complex that comes with people breaking their vows or whatever and then start crying over jesus during the act, that’s just creepy.