Celebrate this week...


oh bugger dis, all you yanks can sod off.

Stay back cowboys, I’ve got a pencil, and I know how to use it!

I’m so glad there is a week that ISNT all about helping minorities, no tv, or whatever lame, wholesome thing soccer moms think of

It think there should be a week when its all about beer drugs and sex.

This is why sending all our undesirable people to another country was a bad idea. It never works.

kicks pierson in the balls

Bloody colonials.

Draws sword Anyone, want try and kick me! Go right ahead and try! But we’ll just see who the winner, is at the end of it!

slashes sword at any yank, who even looks like they are thinking of kicking

When you say yanks, do you mean ALL americans? Cause I’m south of the mason-dixon line, and that just dont float well partner. :stuck_out_tongue: Oh, almost forgot:

Kicks HS in the goonies

I think the revolutionary war just started back up here at RPGC >>;

Before you know it, the ToB will rise again as a whole new messageboard on the same server as RPGC :stuck_out_tongue:

It wouldnt really be a war, because you could just go to both forums. Unless the admins started blocking people who ‘defected’. That would be messed up. And cool.

Now see, this is why we need groups on the boards. So we can identify who the Yanks and Lobsterbacks are!

fires a drill missle through the ground, and up into Heaven’s Soldier’s ass, then kicks Heaven’s Soldier in the nuts when he’s screaming around in pain

Lobsterback? Lobsterback? Quiet you craven hussy!

It’s the only term I remember from the Revolutionary War. :stuck_out_tongue:

Uhm… yeah. Ok. Right.

For a second I thought it said Celibate

Goddamn lobsterbacks, acting like they own the fucking place!


Actually, it’s the native American’s land. How about we have a holiday where they kick you in the balls. That’d show you.

Hey dude, we earned this land. Do you have any idea how hard it is to kill off THAT many people with diseases they’ve never had to face? Or to force them onto tiny reservations with really crappy land? It takes MAD SKILLZ FOO!!!

Anyone heard of the Kennewick man?