CD ripping help needed...

I just found an old CD-R that I burned a couple years ago, and I want to get a few tracks off it. I opened it in Windows Media player and tried copying the music off it, but the resulting files wouldn’t play. I don’t know what I did wrong.

Can someone instruct me in the proper manner in which to rip tracks from CDs?

Winamp 5.0 does it. Not sure if the unregistered one does it, though.

It should have worked in media player 10, I just did a few cds the other day.


You go into rip, select the songs, and click rip music I think.

<a href=“”>FreeRip mp3.</a> Easy, fast, free.

Winamp needs to be regged. :confused:

dBpowerAMP is the best program, or atleast, it’s the best that I’ve ever used. Link.
It’s great for lazy people, because if you try ripping an album, it scans it’s database and tries to match it up with the correct album, labeling the tracks for you.

And if you try to use it while you’re not online?


Yeah… Winamp 5… Needs to be registered… cough

I gots it. Much thankies to everyone who offered help.

By regged, I mean cracked. >.>

well you have to type in the tracks yourself then.

FreeRipmp3 is better, because then you dont have to be on the internet for the scanning process to work.

nyah ;p

Really? so it has a database built in? or does it scan the cd and try to get information that way.