cd repair kits

Do they or do they not work? If they remove a layer off the CD, initially helping, doesn’t that do more damage in the long run? How does the shit work?

No way dude, if you take care of your cds and not fuck it up again, it will work great.

I’ve never really had much faith in those. The solution smells just like rubbing alcohol, and if thats what it takes, then you can do it yourself.

I tried a few of thos,e they screwed up my LUNAR games even more than they were originally.

All the ones I’ve tried are shit and usually fuck up your CDs even more.

Well the one my sister fiance used on Final Fantasy 7 (Game Doctor) worked well. I need to get one for myself in order to fix Breath of Fire IV.

I’ve had better luck spraying a scratched CD with wood polish. No really, that actually works. Spray a ton on there, wipe outward, and let dry.

I’ve found a couple of good ones out there… there is no alcohol or whatever… all it is is a soft cloth-like pad that you just take and gently rub on the CD… works all the time for my sister’s damaged CDs…

That’s what I do Epic. Works better than most methods I’ve found.

I tried fixing my Gamecube games with a Game Doctor, and they still don’t work.

I’ve heard horrible things about game doctors.

Anyway, I’ve also heard that toothpaste works well if you have the kind that doesn’t have any solid particles in it.

Or, you could leave your cds in their cases when you aren’t using them. :thud:
Well, actually I shouldn’t be talking, one of my cds got a deadly scratch in it a while ago, but it wasn’t from leaving it out of the case… It was cause I let an idiot use my cd player.

Originally posted by Valkyrie Esker
I tried a few of thos,e they screwed up my LUNAR games even more than they were originally.
You scratched the Lunar cds!? YOU WENCH! BURN HER! BURN HER!

I mean come on, they come with a freaking case for a reason.

The high quality ones work by the application of a cleaning/filling solution. The theory is that the it cleans the cd and is rubbed off by the cloth/device/whatever. When the fluid enter a crack however, it is not rubbed out (in theory) and it sets, filling the crack with a clear arcylic type stuff. This stops the refraction of light and so in theory improves the cd’s readability. The expensive ones tend to work, the cheap ones don’t. The really bad ones buff down the cd protective layer a little bit and this does tend to cause more harm then good. I have a good set and it works like magic.

Well my brother used to open up my Gamecube packages and play with the CD’s leaving large amounts of stratches in them. And then the Gamecube can’t read the discs. I keep them out of his reach now but without fail whenever I forget to move the games to a high place I find a few more scratches on them and the game can’t be played in some parts.

I’ve lost:
Rogue Leader
Metroid Prime
Simpsons Road Rage
Zelda freezes up at the last dungeon

So yeah, $250 worth of games…

Game Doctors only work 0.001% of the time. And I have an entire library of free videogames thanks to it :slight_smile: