CC's Yuuki vs. CT's Toriyama

Do you prefer Chrono Cross 's design, by Nobuteru Yuuki (Lodoss War, Seiken Densetsu 3, Escaflowne…), or Chrono Trigger 's one, by Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball, Dragon Quest, …) ?

hey, or perhaps you prefered Radical Dreamers…

Toriyama. DBZ rules all.

Toriyama. I like his work.

I liked Toriyama’s design in CT and I just plain like Toriyama’s work more. But Yuuki did an awesome job with Escaflowne.

Never really liked the characters in Escaflowne. I liked the DBZ look (minus the muscles) better.

“One of the 2 chara-designer” seems to win the poll by far!

I don’t really like either of them. Toriyama escaped his “spikey hair disease” in CT, but when you watch Dragonball Z, almost all the guys have super spikey hair, which just looks awful.