Cave swallowmen and bismuth bronze: New Dwarf Fortress released!

New version’s been in the works for a long, long time, finally it’s out.

Fuck yes. Haven’t done much so far, other than ‘accidentally’ burrow upwards into the bottom of a lake, killing all my dorfs at once. Z-axis is awesome. I’m probably gonna experiment for awhile before doing a serious fort, since it’s giving me that same ‘this shit is fucking complicated’ feeling original DF did when I first started. Also, the game gives you a LOT more points to work with when making your first seven, especially if you drop the anvil.

So, I know of few RPGCers are DFers, what have you guys done so far?

I only played a bit last night, but I got some of the basics set up. Next i have to dig down so my dwarves can get to wood/food. Luckily, the spot I chose has a lake inside and outside, so I should be able to set up farming quickly.

my starting cave is made entirely out of chalk :frowning: my fortress must be like living in a blackboard

fun times: dig down, the collapse the upward staircase. cave fortress >:3

<<!-- -->Meerkike> steve i have the best fort name ever
<<!-- -->Meerkike> VulgarShows the spurting bald lances of boys

this. game.