Cave Story port??


Yup, apparently there’s talk of porting Cave Story to the PSP.

Never before has the infernal device tempted me so. I would personaly love to see a port for the GBA or DS…but we’ll see how things pan out from here.

Shit, this isn’t a hoax? They shouldn’t mess with Cave Story, it’s fine as it is. ;_;

If you’d read it, they aren’t messing with it, they’re just bringing it to a larger audience. It’ll still be a free download for PC, they’ll just also be releasing a PSP version.

What sort of person would play Cave Story for the PSP but doesn’t have a computer that they could use to play it for free? I don’t see how the PSP is a larger audience.

By ‘messing with it,’ I really meant porting it, period. First of all, I’m suprised Pixel even allowed it, since he has no interest in being part of the gaming industry. Second, what Vorpy said. I guess I just don’t want it to be ported, because it’s such a nice little hidden gem, or something like that.

How does it become any worse from more people playing it? It’s fully authorized by Pixel, and it won’t hurt at all. Personally, I’d really like to see it on something that has built-in gamepad support, because it just feels like a game that’d work well on a gamepad.

Why do so many people get freaked out and attack things they used to like when they become popular? Like when people say that a band isn’t good anymore because they “sold out?” It’s just kind of elitist to think that something’s only good if no one knows about it. Well, it’ll still be the same game but with a larger audience (yes, some people who like retro-styled games don’t download those same games for free off the internet, thus why the Namco Museum packages always sell so high despite the high distribution of emulators), I don’t see how that makes it any worse.

I’m personally very excited about the prospect, and would like to see it on other systems too (maybe GBA or DS).

I suppose, if it’s authorized by Pixel, it’s ok, but i’m still suprised he would let it be ported. As for the game itself, I’m glad they aren’t changing anything. I’m also glad they’re using the Aeon Genesis translation, or at least trying to. I wasn’t trying to attack it, I was just suprised it was being ported.

I honestly think they should expand the game while they’re at it. While it’s a great game, some of it is kind of lacking in balance. There are a few questionable level design elements scattered through the game.

They’re supposedly adding an “enhanced” mode in addition to the regular variety.

Needs a deathmatch mode. No seriously.

bum bum buuuuuuuum


… Okay, uh, apart from that, yeah, I agree that the level design in the last couple of levels is f’ing SADISTIC.