Cats and ferrets




Kitties! How cute! hugs Charl

I like Roswell. though Krycek was a cutie too.

i like the names. how did you come up with them?

Kryceck is a character from X-files. It pronounces Cry-Chyeck.

Logan is named after Wolverine from X-men

and Roswell is where that ufo landed in new mexico.

and kryceck is usually cuter than that,

Roswell the cutest :slight_smile:

Here’s my kitty ^^ Mine’s cuter :stuck_out_tongue: (though Logan does look similar to my Blackie ^^)

Guh cats, we had some unidentified little black kitten decide to take up residence in our garage yesterday. It spends all it’s time crying.

How cute! hugs kitty then Orakio I haven’t hugged you yet have I?

Cloth Hat! hugs cloth hat

Booken! hugs booken

nope, you haven’t hugged me yet :slight_smile: hugs chris

She wins, no contest 'bout it =^_^=

<img src=“”>

My cat, Crystal. Now, when do I get my hug?

once you take off that mask, Chris will give you a hug :slight_smile:

Hey, I wonder how I breathe in that… Oh well, about to change.

You can give Dante mine, I don’t want it.

Dante! hugs him too

Oh, is CH in the dumps today? Or do you just don’t want a hug?

Man, where have you been?

First…puts up an anti-huggle barrier around him :stuck_out_tongue:


As always, Charle, your kittens (and the ferret) are really cute. I like Roswell the best.

What the fuck? if you wanted to post pics of your cats, make your own fucking thread! Don’t say your cat is cuter than mine, when they obviously arent, thats fucked up! Especially you, orak, you racist fuck!!! Your cat looks exactley like mine, only not as sexxy!

i must say, that’s a whole new look at racism…

shrugs :slight_smile: