Catholic priestesses

Yesterday nine women were made catholic priestesses in Canada.

(I read about it the day before yesterday. If they didn’t make it, tell me. Shouyld have posted earlier.)

The vatican doesn’t allow it. It’s not the first time it happens. In 2002 it hapenned on the Danube’s waters, and the current pope (who’s known for being a nazist, pro-incquisition, inspiring hatred towards pagans, and also for refusing to bear one of the pope’s symbols because it is a drawing of a black person) expelled them from the church.

I think the canadian women will have the same fate as the ones in Europe. But I think more women should do the same.

The catholic church as it is now only reminds me of UU. The lust and greed for power among old men who have a foot in the grave and who think they are better than anyone who dwells outside the walls of their fortress (and they want the monopoly on the things of occultism and the truth too). I think they are afraid of letting women into priesthood because if they make it so, they’ll have to allow their priests to marry again, as was in the first centuries of their church, and they fear to bear a sourceror by doing so.

Edit: after some googling, I found this link: Linka.

Benedict’s a known Nazi? I coulda sworn all biographies of him labelled him as an unenthusiastic Hitler Youth, participating only because of law… And that his family had to move many times due to his father’s anti-Nazi stance which apparently rubbed off…

And the papal symbol? You mean the Coat of Arms? Since, you know, his Coat of Arms does have a Moor on it. Only controversy associated with his CoA was the removal of the Papal Tiara and placing some robe thingy in the background… But that’s more of a historical controversy rather than any sort of PC controversy.

As for the women thing, well, that’s church doctrine. Until the Roman Catholic Church allows the ordination of women, doing otherwise seems like it might be a legitimate case for exommunication, under their doctrine. And if it happened in 2002, I don’t think Benedict would’ve been the one to exommunicate them, especially since the article says the Vatican acted quickly, which would mean JPII did it (or at least had the final say). I personally don’t mind the ordination of women, but stunts such as these leading to exommunication seem counter productive, especially if you buy into the whole “if you’re exommunicated, you can’t get into Heaven” belief I’ve heard associated with Catholics.

I don’t see the problem with ordaining women, but if it goes against Catholic doctrine, here’s a hint: Don’t be a Catholic. There are plenty of Christian sects which allow women to be priests. If you want to be part of the Catholic Church, you should be adhering to their rules. If not, no one’s forcing you to be a Catholic. I don’t like people who try to shape their religion according to their own moral views. Religion is more than just morality. And there are enough around that you can “shop around” to find one you like, and stick with it.

Expanding on what Cid said, there have been many women that have left the Catholic Church so they could be ordained. They typically went to the Anglican Church, or one of its smaller divisions such as the Episcopalian Church. I know I’ve attended Episcopalian sermons given by women.

They will probably be excommunicated from the church because it goes against its doctrine. I’m Catholic and i’m not exactly sure why women can’t be ordained priests, nor do I care.

The thing with being catholic is that it’s the only christain religion which gives you a pope. That’s one of the reasons why many people disagree with catholicism but try to change it instead of going to other religions. Another one is that catholicism is way too strong in countries like France, Spain, Portugal & nearly the entire Latin America.

AS for the excommunication from the priestesses of the Danube, it was Ratz himself who made it. They did it in his diocesis.

Ren: First of all, ‘thanks’ for your completely unbiased report! >_<

Second, I was raised Catholic, but as I grew up and I found that it’s doctrine didn’t quite match my personal beliefs, I left it. But despite all the scandals tha have affected it, I still think the Catholic Church (today) is mainly a force for good in this World, and I still have respect for them.

While I’m not opposed to women being priests, trying to force changes by openly defying your religion is not the way to do it. Either work for change using their stablished processes, or find yourself another faith.


In 2002, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict, excommunicated seven women who had been ordained in a ceremony in Europe.

On this particular subject late Pope John Paul II said: “Christ had every opportunity to ordain women but did not.”

Yesterday I was listening to one of the Canadian priests being interviewed on a local station and he sounded very open to having women taking on more important roles in the Church. But, on at least three occasions he mentioned “Church unity”. Meaning what?
Well, according to him, while some members of church hierarchy are ready for these kinds of changes (women as priests, readmitting divorced Catholics to communion) many are not. He mentioned third world countries and many parishioners who want their church to maintain its traditions.

Man, sometimes it makes me feel good being born in a “godless” country. Lenin was our Jesus, Marx and Engels were St. John and St. Peter - so clear and simple.

You really think Marx and Lenin are more simple than Jesus? O_o

Not really. But it was made simple by the state “machina”.

Man, even thinking about the word priestess makes me pop a huge boner.

Zep, stop playing RO.

You’re a moron.

No, seriously. You’re a moron. Once again you’re making up a bunch of shit hidden inside something true without any links or evidence and you expect us to swallow it because NEWS POST NEWS POST THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IS BAD.

Here’s an exercise for you all; search for anything Ren posted about the current pope. Pro-inquisition, nazist (even though this was all discussed and debunked months ago, Jesus Christ), ‘refusing to bear a pope’s symbol because it is a drawing of a black person’, whatever. Google it all. Google-news ‘Pope Benedict’ and ‘pagans’ or ‘blacks’ or ‘negro’ or anything else you want. The only thing I can remotely find on there is this link which says that

A hefty working text has already been prepared for official consideration, and some sections have sporadically leaked to the Vatican press – enough to suggest that Benedict XVI has no intention of mellowing from the hardrock conservative positions he held in his previous position as Prefect for the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, a Vatican office tracing its pedigree directly back to the Inquisition.

OH NO, THE POPE HELD AN OFFICE THAT WAS CREATED IN INQUISITION TIMES. Well holy shit I guess we better focus on this because clearly no office established during a horrible period of time could ever ever change to have a different function today!

Usually I wouldn’t be so angry, but this is the second time you’ve made up total nonsense about the church either to a) stir up drama or b) act like some kind of X-TREME NEWSMAN I WILL POST IMPORTANT THINGS. You’re obviously biased, and after the whole “All catholic priests have been buggered up the ass, I know this to be true even though I have no backups and other people have told me I am wrong” bullshit I don’t know why you even try. So just go. Go to or or someplace where people might listen to your sensationalist bullcrap.

In conclusion TD is a jerk.

You should know I would. Mate!

The Anglican members of this Sprite Crew aren’t to bothered about it.

Ha, you fail.
Sharon Shannon was ordained a female priest waaaaaaaaaaaaay before that.

I have to laugh at this statement, considering the extremely conservative stances most popes have had since, well, ever. The Galileo/Copernicus ridiculous excommunications and pardons aside, any organizations that has a known record of hiding pedophiles in order to save face is not an organization that’s working for any sort of “good”.

Plus, the sheer amount of corruption over the history of the catholic church is really a good indication that this is an outdated institution that is in serious need of a reorganization. A reorganization that can only be led with a more open Pope, something that I doubt we’ll see in our lifetime.

EDIT : I’m not saying that the WHOLE Catholic church is bad, nor the devotees and the lower-caste priests. I’m talking about the higher ups, the cardinals and the Pope in itself.

ANOTHER EDIT : I just made an ass of myself. Disregard please :P. But honestly, the point that it’s an outdated institution that gets too much media attention for it’s own good still stands.

Plus, the sheer amount of corruption over the history of the catholic church is really a good indication that this is an outdated institution that is in serious need of a reorganization. A reorganization that can only be led with a more open Pope, something that I doubt we’ll see in our lifetime.

I agree with that. Completely. Even if I am an atheist, I think it is terrible for people to be lead by such an old organization that has shown it’s faults time and again. Nothing against the relgion, mind you, but it does need a bit of modernizing.

Not to sound like a communist but,

“Religion is the opiate of the masses.” -Karl Marx

Exaclty. A political machine of sorts to control the populace into ideals they would not normaly use.