Cat + String&Toy + Fan = Hilarious!

Oh God, that’s HILARIOUS! :stuck_out_tongue:

My friend and I literally hurt ourselves laughing…lmfao!

You people are sick, sick sick SICK! Oh yeah, and I just about killed myself laughing at that.


I’ve seen one where a cat is asleep, then just freaks out, runs headfirst into a wall, and dies because he knocked himself so hard.

And my kitten almost choked to death on a string and toy thing. So it wouldn’t have been funny if it died!!!

…because I wanted to tie him to the ceiling fan too…


Best Video of the year award goes to the SuperCat video

<img src=“”> Aw, poor kitty :stuck_out_tongue:

OMG! I feel sorry for the cat… That was so fricken hilarious. I’m at school at the library and the whole class that is was laughing, then the principal came in and saw it, and he thought it was funny.

Noooo… ;.;

Poor kitty. :frowning:

Now if it was a human spinning around and being flung across the room, that would be funny.

Bwahahahahahahaha… is that an advert for a phone too?

I’m suprized most of ya’ll are just now finding it out. I’ve had that on my harddrive for about 3 months now :P.

wait…Yay! I actually knew something ahead of time before anyone else did! It’s like the Ricky Martin theory all over again!

Anyways, the one with the cat freaking out and committing suicide by running into the wall is funnier :wink:

Why did it have to be a cat, couldn’t it have been something less cute?: Like a human. In addition to that, it appears to be quite obvious that people care less about humans than cats anyway.

nod, nod

Stop making me laugh!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Starstorm will be taking heads.

kicks starstorm
Stupid cat…
the cat hit the wall…

I did it once and I regret to this day not having a camera. It ended in a happier way though, as the cat landed on a fluffy bed.

damn… why couldn’t it have landed on a bunch of rust knives…

Good stuff.

Kefka approves :o :o :o